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Luxury Addiction Treatment at The Exclusive Hawaii

Hawaii’s Non 12 Step Luxury Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

The Exclusive is a private luxury drug rehab and alcohol treatment center located on Hawaii’s “healing island”. Nestled on a quiet, picturesque cliff overlooking the sparkling Pacific, we offer a safe, nurturing environment that provides the perfect backdrop to your healing journey. Our holistic, non 12 step addiction treatment curriculum is customized to meet your specific needs and is a cohesive and comprehensive path to recovery that will release you from the death grip of addiction.

Why Other Luxury Rehab Centers Fail

Getting people to stop their addiction behaviors does not constitute long lasting cure. Trying not to do drugs or drink alcohol simply doesn’t work very well. If you have been through rehab before and yet you still find yourself battling and trying to resist those urges, then you have not overcome your addiction – you are still battling it. The constant stress of that battle only increases the desire to escape, which can – and often does – result in a relapse.

Other luxury rehab programs fail because their primary focus is on stopping the addiction behaviors, on getting their clients to stop using drugs and drinking alcohol. The Exclusive program works because, rather than focusing on the addiction behaviors alone, we help our clients uncover and permanently resolve the underlying cause of their drug or alcohol addiction.

Graduates of The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center are battling nothing. Picture that – you, without the battle, without the domination of addiction.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Luxury Drug Rehab Centers?

Unlike so many other alcohol and drug rehab centers, at The Exclusive Hawaii our focus is on you – not your addiction. We recognize that you are unique and as such, our addiction treatment program is customized for your specific needs. Our team of experienced, caring addiction specialists who are specially trained in Core Belief Restructuring, will provide you with a cohesive treatment plan and a clear road map to recovery, free of the typical jumble of confusing unrelated therapies some luxury rehab centers. Our one-on-one and small group counseling takes place in a private and safe environment where you will learn the skills needed to achieve a life beyond addiction.

We are different from traditional rehab programs in many ways but the most important difference between The Exclusive Hawaii and other luxury drug rehab centers is that we understand that recovering from your addiction is only half of the equation. Yes, stopping the addiction is crucial, but you must also rebuild a life worth living.  THAT is no small thing.

From the very first day you entrust yourself to our care, and running concurrent with your addiction recovery program, you will be able to participate in relapse prevention and our individualized New Life Direction process. Together we help you assemble the building blocks you need to live a renewed and passionate life and teach you the skills to overcome your old addiction triggers. By the time you leave The Exclusive Hawaii, you will be leaving with your new life already begun!

The Exclusive Hawaii Luxury Rehab Experience

At The Exclusive Hawaii, you will receive one-on-one addiction treatment with privacy and comfort in a luxurious tropical setting.  Our laughter and stress reduction therapies, professional bodywork, and nutritious gourmet meals provide immediate relief and help accelerate your recovery.

Our combined relapse prevention program and cutting edge Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) treatment modality help you achieve permanent recovery – by eliminating the root causes of your addiction. Here at The Exclusive Hawaii’s luxury rehab center, we support you to achieve lasting change in your life.

This change sticks because it is based on a shift in consciousness that aligns with your own deep personal values and aspirations. We empower the full expression, expansion, and appreciation of being yourself… a completely unique human being. Our clients are supported in seeing themselves candidly and compassionately and they experience a renewed relationship with every aspect of their lives – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

What a joy it is to bear witness as our clients learn to love their lives again!

You can break free from your addiction but to do that, you have to take the first step. Commit to your healing – we know how to bring you all the way through the journey.

Your life is precious. Call us today at 808-775-0200.