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Which Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program Is Right For You?

How do you choose a drug and alcohol treatment program?

First, decide if you’re going for a cure ― or for simply trying to abstain from your addictive behavior.

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, we know about the truly sustainable cure. If you seek the most empowering method available, you will want to have a conversation with us.

We have created an outline to support and ease your process in finding the right program for you or your loved one. The fit must be right for you. The information offered below is an overview of important considerations as you’re making this life-changing decision. We’re here to help.

Give us a call at 808-756-2702. We will be happy to answer your questions or make a reservation for you.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center’s program is aimed directly at the deepest (and often hidden) underlying causes of addiction. Our Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) methodology helps our clients find their way out of addiction, and this transformation is reflected in all areas of their lives.

Other programs offer a confusing maze of treatment modalities that merely manage behaviors and rarely get to the real cause of addiction.

In contrast, The Exclusive provides clients with a customized and comprehensive path to living beyond addiction. In our program, recovery unfolds in five clear stages:

Awakening – Learn where the addiction really comes from

Relief – Address and release pain

Strength – Harness personal power to end addiction

Sustainability – Acquire skills to defeat the “triggers” of addiction

Joyful Living – Regain life purpose and passion for living

You deserve more than temporary relief from your suffering. We will give you the skills you need so that old addiction triggers will never get the upper hand again.

One-on-One & Small Group Addiction Treatment

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, privacy is of the utmost importance. All of our clients receive the highest degree of private professional one-on-one and small group treatment. Our expert counselors use the most precise methodology and customized treatment program available. At The Exclusive, you will experience a cocoon of care and safety while learning the skills to overcome your addiction.

Our exclusive clientele are discerning, private individuals like you. Everything we do here is focused on recovery in a confidential, protected environment.

Acceptance & Freedom Therapy

Your addiction is not the primary cause of your suffering. It is the result of something harbored deep within you that longs to be heard, healed and released. You’ve tried to find relief through drugs, alcohol or other obsessive behaviors, but the pain grew even greater. We understand.

We do not identify you as an addict, a diagnosis or a disease. Those labels do not serve you nor do they reflect the deeper truth of who you really are. While in our care you are deeply respected and honored. We help you find your way back to a restored equilibrium in all aspects of your life.

You are worth it.

Customized Addiction Treatment Program

We recognize your uniqueness and believe the best way to help you is to design a customized treatment plan around your specific issues and personal situation. In-depth, personalized, one-on-one sessions will assist you in discovering your innate ability to build your life back to health and vitality. At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center our team of professional providers and support staff are all focused on one united purpose ― achieving your recovery.

Addiction Treatment Team

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center we have assembled a team of professionals who have many years of dedication and service in helping others overcome addictions. Our staff’s knowledge and wide ranging life experience combined with a cutting edge recovery modality assures a clear path to recovery. Authenticity and integrity is at the core of what we teach and how we live. Together we deliver a cohesive and focused program to propel you forward into a healthy and purposeful life free of addiction.

On Staff Nurse

Our highly qualified professional nurse works together with our affiliate medical team to provide a comprehensive health plan to help you regain your physical well-being. All of our clients see our affiliate physician who then designs a customized plan for detoxification, pain management and wellness. Our caring staff nurse provides the ongoing supervision necessary to support a safe and healthful release from addiction.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center our staff cares for you on so many levels. We know that it is essential to provide a balanced treatment program that addresses mind, body and spirit.

Our holistic approach to recovery utilizes very specific nutritional supplements and healthy gourmet meals that will replenish the vitamins and minerals necessary to rebuild your body systems, strengthen immunity and return you to an optimum state of health.

A weekly schedule of mindfulness therapy, body/mind integration and balancing, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation and yoga further helps eliminate residual substance abuse toxins from your body tissues.

Participants report that they experience great relief from physical and psychological pain. They become relaxed, sleep better, notice improved memory, as well as an increasing sense of presence, self-awareness and self control. Enhanced mental clarity then supports the process of learning the skills of recovery. Old cravings fall away and in their place the person develops a vigorous attitude for engaging with life.

Caring for you at this fragile time is the focus of our holistic addiction treatment approach. Our cocoon of care will honor and nourish you as you heal and regain your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Highly Confidential Exclusive Experience

From our secluded and private luxury accommodations to an ultra secure record keeping system, every feature of The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is designed with absolute discretion and confidentiality in mind. While in our care you will be protected from uninvited attention by outsiders and consistently treated as the real person you are. Like being a member of a private club, our staff understands your unique needs and requirements and offers the highest levels of service available in an addiction treatment facility.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers in Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is well-noted for its soothing environment and healing atmosphere and traditions. Our luxurious tropical setting and the warm ocean breezes lift your spirit and aid your recovery. The potency and the beauty of the island of Hawaii draws you even more deeply into a life-changing recovery experience where limits become resolvable and old patterns become powerless over you. What better place to begin a new and meaningful aspect of your personal life journey.

Personalized Services

Our deep commitment to service ensures a customized recovery experience rich in personal attention and helps you keep your focus on what really matters ― your recovery.

Our luxurious amenities include quality bath and body products, soothing massage therapies, acupuncture, manicure and pedicure.

We also offer a diverse range of experiences and learning opportunities that can be customized to suit your personal tastes and interests.  You can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including dolphin swims, tropical forest zip line adventures, nature hikes to waterfalls, helicopter tours and even private lessons with professional golf or tennis trainers. In short, your program is tailored to your personal needs and pleasures. Just ask! (See fee schedule)

The Power of Self Care

There are two primary attributes that you will absolutely need in order to prevent relapse ― self-discipline and self-love. At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center we teach the essential skills you need to attain both.

We do not ask you to do chores but rather focus on training you to master self-discipline from within. As we give great attention to caring for you, our primary focus  is always to empower you to live a life of vitality, meaning and deep joy with YOU in the driver’s seat.

Redesign Your Life

Starting on day-one at The Exclusive, you begin a New Life Direction program which runs concurrently with your addiction recovery treatment. Together we create a clear plan for your empowered new life beyond the old addiction patterns. In one-on-one sessions you will gain the skills to overcome old addiction triggers. You will redesign your life the way you want it to be. Rather than attending nightly 12 Step meetings, you are supported to build your own field of dreams in an empowering process that prepares you to live as a healthy, sober and deeply satisfied person. As you reveal what genuinely brings you authentic joy, you will be encouraged to explore and take action on your own personal life vision. Your passion becomes your mission as you focus on doing what you love to do. Your renewed path of joy supports your choice to remain sober and fully engaged in your life. We help you rediscover the sensation of being you ― at your best.

Fresh Delicious Food

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center our chef creates a delicious and healthy menu designed to help restore your natural vitality. Our chef will entice your culinary senses and nurture you back on track to the body you want. Our innovative nutritional plan contributes to detoxifying your system while easing your release from addiction. As you develop a new relationship to food you will feel energized and gain the strength and clarity of mind you need to support permanent recovery. Our wholesome and delightful cuisine will compliment the emerging new you. Special dietary needs are joyfully accommodated.

Do you love to prepare food or do you want to learn from artists of healthful cuisine? Our chefs welcome participation along side them. This program is about empowerment in life!  Feeding ourselves well is essential to vitality and wellness.

Fun Fitness Programs

Our fitness program helps you get beyond the old self-sabotaging beliefs that may have been keeping you from enjoying a fun and fit lifestyle. Together we create an uplifting physical fitness program for you. Our activities are geared to your current body condition and personal fitness desires. Imagine experiencing a genuine love for physical activity and rebuilding your health. People who truly enjoy living in their own bodies are far less likely to abuse them.

Relapse Prevention Program

We understand that when you leave our program and go back to your world, potential triggers for relapse will still exist. The skill sets and tools you acquire in our Relapse Prevention program will provide the permanent foundation and strength to sustain the choice of addiction-free living. You will return home with an enduring level of self-awareness and vital conviction which will prevent previous self-destructive patterns from finding their way back into your life.

Aftercare Program

Our customized aftercare program helps you continue to implement what you learned during your initial treatment. In ongoing support sessions you continue to apply the recovery skills needed when facing challenging situations. Additional relapse prevention tools will make your transition secure. The Exclusive aftercare program includes interaction with an expert counselor helping you to achieve your own personal goals of living your new mission and enriched life of sobriety. Your aftercare program will support your enthusiasm and unstoppable renewed energy to maintain the healthy lifestyle you deserve. (See fee schedule)

A Clear Road Map to Recovery

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center we understand cure. We utilize a clear and focused modality as a road map to full recovery. Our powerfully effective Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) methodology and Non 12 Step program gets beneath all the layers of unconscious strategies that drive destructive behaviors. With customized, one-on-one sessions and small group, you discover what is really controlling your life choices. To permanently eliminate the pain that has driven you into a downward spiral of substance abuse, it is absolutely crucial that the deepest core level of who you are and what you believe is revealed and understood. By becoming astutely aware and changing self-destructive beliefs, you regain your rightful place in the driver’s seat of your life.

We Are Ready to Help

We want to make sure your transition is easy and comfortable. We understand you live a busy lifestyle and may not be able to take a complete hiatus from your responsibilities. We support personal business and family contact via phone and computers to allow your important communications to continue while you are recovering. We will assist you with the details that require ongoing attention so that you can fully participate in your recovery program.

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, we offer a 30, 60 and 90 day rehab treatment program specifically tailored to you and your unique situation. If you or your loved one is in need of support, please call us at 808-756-2702. Our skilled and understanding counselors are here to answer your questions.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve a life beyond addictions.