Our Company Culture

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii we love what we do. For us, providing addiction treatment services is not a job, it is a way of life. We are teaching you a methodology and life skills that we apply in our own lives. We are excited to share this way of living with you.

When you come to The Exclusive, you enter a learning environment and a space where people are passionate about teaching you the skills that we experience and apply in our own lives on a daily basis. We are continuously curious and experimental ourselves, so as to continuously offer you the most leading-edge methods available.

We create a family of care, a safe place for you to heal. We accept and love you unconditionally. Most importantly, we are wholeheartedly passionate about what we do. We are experts in Core Belief Restructuring and Experiential Engagement Therapy: we are passionate about it, we believe in it and we believe in you and your recovery.

Culture of Care at The Exclusive Hawaii

Being of service to others and seeing clients transform their lives is one of our most rewarding experiences. In our culture, our team aims to feel and experience this joy on a daily basis.

As a team we encourage each other to express our individual points of view and to feel free to be true to ourselves, honest and authentic in everything we do. To live authentically is one of the top values we teach you, and we try to live that in our own lives.

We believe in being empowered and in taking action with a can-do attitude. We are proactive and start looking for solutions when we identify a problem. We do not believe in passively waiting for an outside solution. Empowerment is another value that we teach you, and we model it in our way of working.

In our line of work, relationships are everything. If we don’t get along as staff it will transfer to you, the client. As staff we walk our talk. This doesn’t mean that we pretend to be happy. What it means is that we work through our issues just as you, our clients, are here to do.

We strongly encourage our staff to take the opportunity of using the amazing Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) methodology for transforming their own lives. We expect our entire team to work on their issues, to improve the quality of their lives, and in so doing create a better work environment for everyone involved.

If a therapist hasn’t done their own deep core work, we can’t expect them to know how to do it with you. At The Exclusive our therapists have years of experience in resolving their issues, both small and large, and they continue to work on themselves as challenges arise. Our therapists have a fearlessness about them and a willingness to enter deep places in therapy, because they have gone there themselves and welcome the benefits of self-exploration.

What we have is people who LIVE THIS WORK. WE DO THIS WORK in our own lives, and we believe in our clients. We believe that addiction recovery is possible and that our addiction methodology works.

In our working culture, we adhere to the following concepts:

  • We commit to confidentiality and expect all those present to adhere to the highest level of integrity and honoring the privacy of others.
  • We hold clients in high esteem, treating them with respect. We understand that our clients already have answers within themselves. We skillfully help them find those answers.
  • We create a caring environment on every level where it is safe to speak one’s truth.
  • We encourage risk and we model it — it is safe to feel uncomfortable, to question our beliefs and to take risks here.
  • We honor a diversity of beliefs and spiritual paths.
  • We encourage personal transparency, emotional ownership and emotional fluidity.
  • We use and empower respectful communication.
  • We take ownership of our experiences as individuals, using “I” statements & conscious language as we model and teach these skills.
  • We hold a non-judgmental attitude creating an environment of acceptance and nurturing.
  • We are passionate about the work we do.
  • We express gratitude every day.

Thank you for sharing in our culture. We’re looking forward to including you in our culture and have you experience it firsthand when you attend our residential program.

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