Frequently Asked Addiction Recovery Questions

We understand that you may have several addiction recovery questions as you want to get to know the details of the residential rehab program you are considering. We’ve created these frequently asked question here to give you some answers right away. Please review them and/or call our addiction recovery specialists at 808-775-0200 when you would like to get further clarity and more information. Otherwise, out admissions process will give you step-by-step instructions on how to move forwards.

1. Do You Do Detox at The Exclusive?

At The Exclusive our first priority is your safety. We have a very detailed intake and admissions process that ensures that our doctors have all the information they need to design a customized and individualized detoxification protocol for you.

2. Do I Need To Detox Before I Come to You?

If you attempt to stop a substance on your own before you come it could be dangerous and generally we do not recommend that. During the intake and admissions process our clients will receive recommendations for preparing themselves for arrival to the program; these are individualized for you and your unique situation.

3. What Is The Method You Use In Your Program?

Our program at The Exclusive is a holistic addiction treatment and that means we look at the whole person. We do not just focus on the addiction. Our program is designed to provide a balanced treatment program that addresses mind, body and spirit. Many of the integrative counseling methods we use are unique to our program and doesn’t exist anywhere else yet. We’ve developed and refined our counseling protocols over the course of fifteen years.

4. What Is Your Success Rate?

The first thing you need to understand about success rates in addiction recovery is that there are many variables that make it extremely difficult to measure success rate with scientific accuracy. If anybody tells you a success rate number, you need to ask how it was determined. Detailed post program following including the evaluation of many other life variables will have to be included in a study that would be considered scientifically accurate.

5. What Is The Cost Of The Program?

It is important to realize when you consider our pricing that we are one of the most customized programs in the country. We prepare our treatment schedule on a daily basis. We are completely in tune with what is unfolding for each one of our clients and adapt the schedule accordingly. We only take eight people at a time and our treatment methodology is radically different and the proprietary Core Belief Restructuring program is currently exclusive to our Hawaii rehab facility.

6. Do You Take Insurance?

We accept out of network benefits and private pay insurance for most medical insurance companies. We have an insurance specialist who will verify benefits for you and who will handle the claims process for you. With private pay insurance, we still collect the program payment up front and then your insurance company will reimburse you after services have been completed and they have approved and processed the claim in accordance with the benefits you have for residential addiction treatment.

7. What Are Your Facility And Accommodations Like?

Our residential rehab facility is perched on the ocean cliffs of Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast. We are located on a 16 acre private ocean front property with a 10,000 square foot private mansion. We are a very small and private rehab program and only take eight clients at a time. The small program gives us the ability to customize our program for each individual. In addition we adapt our program schedule daily based on what is happening for each of our clients in their process.

8. How Much Freedom Do I Have? Can I Use My Cell Phone, Laptop and Internet?

Our program is about collaboration and what that means is that yes, you may have access to the internet, a phone to communicate with loved ones and a laptop or whatever else you need to maintain your life in the outer world.

9. Can My Friends or Family Visit Me?

Yes, you may have friends or family members arrange to visit with you at the facility. You may also go on an outing with them, however, we are bound by our licensing to run a drug screening urine test when you get back to the residence. We have a zero tolerance program and urine drug screening tests have to be free of all substances. If this is not the case, you will be required to leave the residential rehab program.

10. How Fast Can I Come and What Is The Process?

We have a first come first serve policy and require a $5,000 non-refundable program deposit that will set the intake and admissions process in motion.

11. What Are Your Credentials and Are You A Licensed Facility?

Our facility is a licensed by the State of Hawaii, Department of Health as a special treatment facility.  We are accredited by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) of the state of Hawaii. We participate in quality assurance programs and work vigorously to improve and expand our treatment protocol and services. We are on the leading edge of holistic solutions for substance abuse treatment and are dedicated to continuing our development in the field.

12. What Age Group Participates In Your Program?

The majority of our clients are thirty-five and older but we often get clients who are younger and even in their early twenties. We find the dynamics between the older and younger age groups to be really effective, as they learn from each other with the Experiential Engagement Therapy they do. There is a maturity that twenty-year-olds get exposed to when they see that a forty-year-old is struggling with the same issues that they have.

13. Am I Allowed To Bring My Pet?

Due to quarantine restrictions mandated by the state of Hawaii, it is complicated to bring a pet from the mainland or another country and does not make sense. However, for our local island clients it is possible to bring your pet and the decision is made on a case by case basis. We may ask many questions about your pet so that we can evaluate the situation properly. We are open to having a conversation with you about your pet to determine if it will benefit you to have your pet here during treatment.

14. Can I Come For Less Than 30 Days?

No, unfortunately not. We adhere to a thirty day program for all clients. We have worked with our treatment program long enough to understand what it takes to absorb and retain everything that we have to teach you. With a thirty day program it is already a challenge to get you exposed to everything in the curriculum. We encourage people to stay longer and clients may decide to extend their stay after admission if there is space available.

15. Do I Have To Sit Through Long Lectures?

No, we do not have a lecture style program. You will sit in small group therapy sessions, but these sessions are interactive, experiential and you will have no time to get bored! Your engagement and participation are required for you to recover from your patterns and habits.

16. Do You Offer Other Treatment Services Like Bodywork and Exercise?

We include a 10-day National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) acupuncture program that is customized for each individual at the start of the program. We also include one bodywork session per week. Bodywork includes: massage therapy, structural integration, craniosacral therapy and Reiki (by request).

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