Our Mission

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center

It is our mission at The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center to help people be profoundly in touch with their own life force and the gifts that they have to give in the world and to find motivation and joy in living and contributing their gifts that are stronger their former addictive, self-medicating, pain-soothing tendencies.

Through this intention we are committed to help people connect back to their true essence and live from an authentic center within themselves and build a life of integrity and awareness.

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center Mission

How Do We Do This?

  • First by seeing the brilliance, wholeness and completeness in each person. You are already okay. You are complete and loveable just as you are.
  • By helping people to drop the shame. The whole world needs to unlearn shame.
  • By seeing people’s potential until they can see their own potential.
  • Through helping people face the shadow, the side of them that stops them from being passionately alive. We all have a shadow, a dark side. You are not alone. Let’s face our shadows together without judgement.
  • By teaching people the skills to continue working on the challenges in their lives until they are resolved, and to extend that to their families and out into the world. This way we can affect as many people as possible to create a better world.

It is our goal to change the paradigm of society from being fear and shame based to being aware and conscious. Fear and shame never creates the results that we desire in our lives.

We want to have society move away from functioning from a place of self-limiting beliefs that keep generating the same unwanted behavior and results over and over. We want people to become vulnerable, connected human beings who live authentic lives.

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is dedicated to helping the world be a safer, more wonderful place, to helping people heal and love each other, and to healing future generations.

The Larger Vision of The Exclusive

In our small, private residential rehab program we can only touch so many lives with our mission. To extend our reach and to have a bigger impact on society, we are creating a movement that teaches Authenticity, Vulnerability and Connection, the AVC of life.

At the core of this movement lies the question, ‘How do I become a healthy, vulnerable, connected human being, living a completely authentic life?’ The end result of being vulnerable is connection and that is what we all want. We want to be connected with one another, whether we are aware of this need or not. It is encoded in our genes. In the movement we are creating, connection is the antidote to addiction, anxiety, depression and over identification with performance for validation.

To create connection with others, one has to be willing to be vulnerable. Experiencing and feeling the discomfort of vulnerability and taking the risk to share that with others is the very thing that connects us to others and ultimately creates freedom. We can teach you these steps to freedom with the methods of Core Belief Restructuring (CBR), Experiential Engagement Therapy, Mindful Inquiry and Emotional Fluidity that we have developed over the last fifteen years.

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