The Exclusive Philosophy

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center we have a very specific philosophy about what addiction is and how we believe it should be approached and treated. We’ve created a culture based on our philosophy that permeates through everything we do and who we are as a team. Many clients comment that they’ve never felt so deeply accepted, understood, loved and accepted.

At The Exclusive We Believe That:

Every Person Is Doing the Best They Can According to the Beliefs They Hold

We believe all people are doing their best, according to the beliefs they are holding in that moment. Therefore, we treat each person with respect and without judgment, as we assist them to cultivate a heightened awareness of how their behaviors (and beliefs) affect themselves and others.

To us an addicted person is an addicted person at this moment in time. You may have a pattern of drinking or a pattern of using drugs, but we don’t believe that means there is something wrong with you. We’ve all been conditioned and programmed through our past life experiences, and what we focus on at The Exclusive is creating awareness, acceptance and forgiveness of our own programming.

Addiction Treatment Should Be Compassionate First

We believe that compassion is the key to healing and creating lasting change. Having awareness of your patterns, conditioning and core beliefs is the beginning. You then combine that awareness with compassion for yourself and learn to feel deep self-acceptance and forgiveness. From there you can start to naturally shift out of your old patterns of thinking and acting. Motivation to create a new and joyful life comes from building on these successes. We will help you to start believing that you can do it.

Addiction Treatment Should Be Customized

An addiction treatment protocol and program should be customized for each individual. The Exclusive is not about dogma and sweeping rules. We believe in the individuality of each person and adjust our protocols to meet the individual regardless of our stand on any particular issue. We are in collaboration with our clients. Everything we do in our program takes each unique client into consideration. It’s always a two-way street.

It Is Essential To Release Previous Trauma and Unresolved Pain

Complete immersion into a residential program creates a day-to-day continuance that holds unique power for recovery. We believe it is essential that clients release previous trauma and unresolved pain, and when these wounds are brought to the surface, we further believe in providing an exceptional amount of therapeutic assistance in a very safe environment. Clients can completely immerse into the experience while we as a team create a safe cocoon. The whole priority for us, including our housekeeper and chef, is to lovingly hold the space for our clients to heal.

Our clients often say that they’ve never slept so well, and we believe it is because of the intention we have as part of creating this safe cocoon for our clients even when they are sleeping.

Feeling Uncomfortable During Recovery Is Necessary

Our program is meticulously designed as a clear road map to recovery and long-term success. Feeling a little uncomfortable during the process is necessary. This “uncomfort zone” as we call it, is when you know that you are changing. You’re coming to us because you can’t stand to do it the same way anymore. You make it through the discomfort, you walk through the pain, to come out the other end transformed.

Empowerment Is More Effective Than Giving Advice

We believe that the answers are already within each person. We therefore seek to assist you to find your own best answers, keeping advice to a minimum. We empower you to find answers by teaching you the skill of Mindful Inquiry. We guide you to self-empowerment through assignments and the discovery of your unique core values.

A Holistic Approach and Looking at All Areas of Your Life Gets Powerful Results

We believe that to conquer addiction, it is essential to treat the whole person rather than a single symptom. With our holistic, integrative approach we address mind, body, spirit (essence) and connection, as we believe health and well-being are created by all four.

We Show You How To Restructure the Hidden Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

We say to people that we don’t even talk about drugs and alcohol, hardly ever. We don’t treat addiction, we look for core beliefs and then focus on clearing and restructuring these hidden needs. When those deep longings are fulfilled, the addictions can go away by themselves.

Addiction Treatment Should Combine Cognitive Learning With Experiential Learning

At the core of our addiction treatment philosophy is the incorporation of experiential therapies. Our methodology works because we combine these with cognitive learning. This combination creates deep understanding for clients and provides them with life skills and proven experience to navigate emotions, triggers and fight-or-flight responses.

To Maintain Sobriety, It Is Essential To Become Emotionally Fluid

Emotional Fluidity is a very experiential way of being that results in no longer having judgments about emotions. Emotions are not bad, or good; instead the goal is to be able to experience emotions without judgment, so there is no longer any need or urge to run from discomforts.

Labeling Yourself as an Alcoholic or Drug Addict Is Disempowering

Do you empower or disempower yourself by calling yourself an alcoholic or drug addict? At The Exclusive we believe that labels are not helpful in recovery. Our stand is that once you’ve admitted to failures and weaknesses and move into solution-mode, it is time to drop the labels and fully embrace recovery—trading in old destructive self-criticism for clear, joyful channels of creativity and life purpose.

We believe you may have an obsession with alcohol or drugs today, but you can mature yourself beyond it and become conscious of what you believe and pay attention to where each of those beliefs will lead you. This is what will change your life, not shaming yourself with labels.

Creating Change By Using Fear & Shame As Motivation Doesn’t Work

Many addiction programs use fear and shame as an attempt to motivate changes in behavior. At The Exclusive we do not believe in shame-based thinking. Instead, we initiate change by creating awareness and self-acceptance. We believe awareness combined with self-acceptance is the essential foundation for creating change.

The next components for change are vulnerability and connection. We work on developing a healthy sense of vulnerability; having the confidence to be vulnerable with others creates connection. Living connected with others creates healthy attachments, which are essential for well-being.

Our culture is about consciousness. And consciousness brings change. It’s not easy because you have to be willing to acknowledge all the emotional pain that you have in your being. You cannot avoid some of it and experience the rest.

We believe that motivating people with shame perpetuates patterns of avoidance. We are not seeking change to avoid shame. Shame insists that you be different than you are. Self-acceptance says, no, we don’t have to change you, we just want to help you to accept the feelings you’re having in your body (the discomfort, emotions, anxiety), and if you follow the discomfort in your body, it will lead you to the belief that is triggering it.

The goal of Core Belief Restructuring™ and of transforming a belief is not to get you to change, but to help you develop awareness and consciousness about yourself and your beliefs.

Therapists Must Practice What They Teach

We believe that therapists must be able to challenge their own beliefs and observe their own patterns of avoiding discomfort or experiencing emotions fully. The therapy methods we use with you, our therapy team practices in our own lives. We fully live the work we teach you first hand. We believe in a nonjudgmental approach, and we therefore approach you with full acceptance no matter what your patterns may be. 

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