Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Welcome to The Exclusive Hawaii Residence

Our facility is perched on the ocean cliffs of the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast. We are located on a 16-acre oceanfront property, and our clients reside in a 10,000 square-foot, private estate. Our eight-bed residence is totally secluded, and includes beautiful accommodations and exceptional amenities. We are surrounded by a tropical countryside of grazing horses, green fields, and island sunsets.

The experience of walking into the foyer to the aromas of gourmet meals and the relaxing oceanfront environment sets the tone for what our staff refers to as “the safe place for deep, lasting wellness and full recovery.”

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We have created a real home, with a loving container of care. Here, you can feel at home, rest, transform, and heal while you also experience a peaceful wellness environment. At this stunning residence, blessed by Hawaiian elders as Hale Mauna Pali Kai (Home of Mountain, Cliffs and Sea), there is a truly exclusive mecca for those seek a serene, holistic healing journey.

If the image that comes to mind for you when you hear “rehab” is a controlled, sterile environment, throw that picture right out – this is another kind of place altogether.

Facility & Accommodations

On arrival, you are welcomed into your new home by tranquil Koi fish lining the entryway. Inside the doors, you’ll find the warm foyer that gives you a view over our waterfall swimming pool and patio. Go around the corner and you’ll see a beautiful open floor plan that includes the family room, lined with large windows and centered around a comforting stone fireplace, as well as the dining area and spotless kitchen, where chefs prepare your nutritious, delicious meals.

Our indigenous-flower-named bedrooms are warm and spacious with king- or queen-sized beds and expansive views. All bedrooms have comfortable bathrooms conveniently located en suite. Whether you choose our shared or private bedroom, you’ll be more than comfortable.

Throughout our property, we have several therapy-specified rooms, where you will experience your one-on-one and small group therapy (on nice days, your class may even end up being out in the fresh air!)

The house also has two patios with breathtaking views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, grazing cows, and on a clear day, the majestic cliffs of Waipio Valley.

Enjoy Organic, Delicious Whole Foods

At The Exclusive Hawaii, our chefs create delicious and healthy whole food menus designed to help restore your natural vitality. Our chefs will entice your culinary senses and nurture you back on track to the body you want. Our innovative nutritional plan contributes to detoxifying your system while easing your release from addiction. As you develop a new relationship to food, you will feel energized and gain the strength and clarity of mind you need to support permanent recovery. Our wholesome and delightful cuisine will complement the emerging new you. Special dietary needs are joyfully accommodated.

Do you love to prepare food or do you want to learn from artists of healthful cuisine? Our chefs welcome participation alongside them. This program is about empowerment in life! Feeding ourselves well is essential to vitality and wellness.



Nurturing & Serene Tropical Setting

The Big Island of Hawaii is well-noted for its soothing environment and healing atmosphere and traditions. Our tropical setting and the warm ocean breezes lift your spirit and aid your recovery. The potency and the beauty of the island of Hawaii draws you even more deeply into a life-changing recovery experience, where limits become resolvable and old patterns become powerless over you. What better place to begin a new and meaningful aspect of your personal life journey! Those who come to our program discover an experience unlike anything they have ever felt before. Recognized worldwide as the ultimate healing destination, ‘The Healing Island’ provides everything you need to support your transformation. Here in paradise, the palette of possibilities is varied and colorful. Your private session can happen outside in the gentle trade winds along the shore, where life is open and flowing. The potency of the beauty and spirit of this land can be an inspiring adjunct to your search for more clarity, aliveness, and empowerment. We also offer a diverse range of experiences and learning opportunities that can be customized to suit your personal tastes and interests. You can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including dolphin swims, tropical forest zip line adventures, nature hikes to waterfalls, and even private lessons with professional golf or tennis trainers. In short, your program is tailored to your personal needs and pleasures. Just ask!

Exceptional Services & Amenities

  • Serene, Tranquil Accommodations
  • Whole, Organic & Delicious Meals
  • Individualized Detoxification Acupuncture Protocol
  • Customized Bodywork
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Yoga, Exercise & Fitness
  • Health & Body Awareness Training
  • Hawaiian Nature Therapy Excursions
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna, Infinity Pool, Hot Tub
  • Organic Body Care Products

Update on Kilauea Volcano


There is no lava flow anywhere near The Exclusive Hawaii. Our center is over 60 miles from the active lava flow.
Our center is located in Lava Flow Zone 9 (which means we are as far as possible away from any threat of volcanic activity which occurs in zones 1 and 2, occasionally in 3).
Clients are safely participating in our program, and we are continuing normal admissions and daily operations.  There is no threat of harm anywhere in this area of Hawaii Island.

The Kilauea volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983, and this most recent set of events is part of the natural process for this type of volcano. We have co-existed with the volcano safely since our opening in 2011, and we will continue to in the future.


While we are not in harm’s way, there are members of this island who are being affected, whom we seek to assist through this trying time.