Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Additional Therapies

At The Exclusive Hawaii, we use a variety of methods to give you the best chance possible at overcoming your addiction. While all clients experience our core, experiential therapies, we also have a plethora of other techniques at our fingertips. Since we do offer one of the most customized programs in the country, we’re able to combine our therapies in the way that will be most useful to you. Below, you’ll find the other engaging therapeutic techniques we offer to add to your already powerful program:

Additional Therapies - The Exclusive Hawaii

Powerful Therapies to Heal Addiction

Other Therapies - The Exclusive Hawaii

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Core Belief Restructuring Method:
Change the Programming That Creates Addiction

Experiential Engagement Therapy:
Retainable, Hands-On Learning

Non 12-Step Therapy:
Release Fear & Shame-Based Thinking

Holistic Health Integration:
Physical – Emotional – Mental – Essence

Trauma-Informed Therapy:
Resolve Anxiety & PTSD