WARNING: Your Mindset is the Real Cause of Addiction

Drugs and alcohol are not the problem.

The real problem is the mindset we’re operating out of and that’s what keeps creating substance abuse.

Let’s say that again: Your mindset is the cause of your addiction, not the substance.

Think of it this way: you go to a social event and someone asks you, “Would you like a drink?” and you say, “No, thank you.” And then they ask you again and you have the same answer, “No, thank you.”

Consider the same scenario where you go to a social event and your problem is that you are allergic to peanuts. Someone asks you, “Would you like some peanuts?” and you say, “No, thank you. I’m allergic to peanuts.”

Why is it when we have an alcohol or drug problem or even an eating disorder or any other issue – why is it that we don’t go to the second step? We say, “No, thank you.”, but we don’t say the second part which is, “I have an alcohol problem so I don’t drink” or, “Alcohol has hurt me and my family, and my marriage so therefore I don’t drink anymore, but I would love a lemonade”.

Why is it that we fall short of telling the truth? Why do we refrain from fully explaining anything to do with a substance abuse issue?

Well, it’s very simple. We walk into the room with a mindset that’s shame-based and fear-based and all of those thoughts are based on fear of rejection by other people. We fear others’ judgments. The mindset we are stuck into tells us that if we are 100% honest about our situation, those around us will think negatively of us. Then we feel ashamed about our actions and try to isolate our problems from our loved ones.

This fear-based and shame-based mindset creates an endless cycle of anxiety because we are never addressing the true reason for our addiction. We don’t look at the root cause of why we started using in the first place.

Because we haven’t addressed the root cause of substance abuse which is rooted in a looped pattern of thinking that keeps generating a lot of anxiety in the body, we don’t address the shame, we don’t address the fear and then we walk into a social gathering and we expect ourselves to succeed.

That’s a set up for failure, because we haven’t addressed the real issue which is our lack of confidence within ourselves regarding the issue we are dealing with.

Let’s address the issue, let’s go to the root cause of addiction, let’s look at WHY we are operating out of a shame-based and fear-based belief system.

Let’s take a look at that. Let’s take a look at our programming.

When you start delving into your programming and begin pulling the shame and fear out of your life, you’re able to start making real progress.

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