How a Negative Mindset Perpetuates Substance Abuse

One of the mindsets that keeps producing substance abuse is a mindset that’s rooted in doom.

The challenge that most of us are not even aware of is that we are silently condemning ourselves to fail. If you think of it this way: how many times have you woken up in the morning and you said to yourself, “I’m not going to drink or do drugs today. I’m just going to have a different day today.”

You start your day… you have a cup of coffee, you have your breakfast, you start moving through your day and the next thing that happens at five o’clock you’re at the bar and you’re drinking. You’re back at your favorite place hiding and doing drugs and alcohol, just the opposite of what you said.

What we’re not aware of is that we’re already operating out of a mindset that would rather predict doom than predict success.

How crazy is that?

You see, that’s what is ingrained in us. We’re stuck in this mindset and we’re not even conscious of it.

The mindset says: whether we’re conscious of it or not, it’s safer to predict doom than it is to predict change.

Why is that?

This is because if we tell ourselves something different like, “today I’m really going to succeed and not drink” and I do end up drinking, then we have to bare the fact that we’ve failed.

When we predict that we’re going to fail before it actually happens, we create safety for ourselves. We protect ourselves from failure by predicting the worse outcome in our automated thinking behavior that we are likely not even aware of.

What a set up! And this setup is what keeps perpetuating the substance abuse.

The key here is to develop awareness of how often we do this and what mindset we are operating out of – that’s key: awareness is what creates change .

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