Welcome to The Exclusive Residence

Our facility is perched on the ocean cliffs of Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast. We are located on a 16-acre private ocean front property and a 10,000 square-foot private estate. Our eight bed residence is totally secluded with luxury accommodations and exceptional amenities. We are surrounded by a tropical countryside of grazing horses, green fields and island sunsets.

The experience of walking into the foyer to the aromas of gourmet meals and the relaxing oceanfront environment sets the tone for what our staff refers to as “the safe place for deep, lasting wellness and full recovery.”

If the image of residential treatment for an addiction recovery program that comes to mind for you is controlled, sterile and even austere, throw that picture right out – this is another kind of place altogether.

We have created a real home, with a loving container of care where you can feel at home, rest, transform and heal while you also experience a luxury wellness environment.

At this stunning residence blessed by Hawaiian elders as Hale Mauna Pali Kai (Home of Mountain, Cliffs and Sea), there is a truly exclusive little mecca for only a very fortunate few who seek its luxurious, holistic cocoon for healing and recovery of health in mind, body and spirit.