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Holistic Rehab

Physical - Emotional - Mental - Essence

At a holistic rehab, you’re not just treated as the symptoms of your addiction. We understand that you have an innate resiliency within you. And also that it takes a combination of services, tools, and therapies to find a healing path that is going to work best for you.


At The Exclusive Hawaii, we approach your addiction from all sides – mind, body, and soul. We help you create change at a nervous system-level and learn practical skills you can use to regulate your mind and body when you feel overwhelmed or triggered. We teach you how to navigate your discomfort and create healthy patterns to replace your addictive behavior.

Holistic Health Integration

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How Do We Facilitate Change?

Many programs focus on creating change at a mental level. While this is essential (and we address this in a uniquely experiential way), they often leave out the equally important piece of the puzzle: the intelligence of the body.


Our body retains much more than we often realize. An easier way to explain this is to not look to humans, but to animals.


Imagine a dog that has been mistreated since its young days as a pup. Two years later, when a loving family brings the dog into their home, do you think the dog instantly forgets his abuse? Not by a long shot. But with continued love and support, the dog comes around and understands that these humans are not a threat. 


Now think of how we do this to our own bodies. After years of berating ourselves and thinking we’re losers for drinking or using, our body has become prone to respond in specific ways to triggers. Anxious? Reach for the bottle. Depressed? Grab some pills. It now happens without conscious decision.


At The Exclusive Hawaii, we teach you new skills to put a stop to this auto-response and begin to create long-lasting change.  

happy dog

A Few of the Tools Available at Our Holistic Rehab:

- Conscious breathing techniques

Help you take back control of your nervous system and rewire how you respond in a fight-or-flight situation

- Tools of emotional intelligence

Empower you to not see your feelings as “bad”, but instead as a powerful guidance system to alert you when something is amiss

- Mindful inquiry skills

Allow you to become the master of your negative thoughts and “Monkey Mind”  the negative voice inside your head. 

Holistic Health


The Whole Person

• Balance All Aspects of Your Being

• Compassionate Approach to Healing

• Change Influential Negative Beliefs

• Regain Your Vitality & Exuberance

• Heal Through Acupuncture & Massage

• Adopt Nutritious Eating Habits

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


Holistic Health - Rehab in Hawaii

A Holistic Approach to Healing the Mind

How do we begin to replace these negative thoughts you’ve had for so long? We look at the root cause of your issue — including how you first learned to look at yourself in a negative light, trauma you’ve endured, co-occuring mental disorders you may have  we address it all.



sun shining through tree at holistic rehabWhile this may seem like an obvious step in healing one’s addiction, many traditional rehabs overlook this. They focus on stopping the behavior (of drinking or using), but they don’t help you dig deeply enough to the underlying issues causing the behavior.


We uncover these root causes by using experiential therapies, using our proprietary Experiential Engagement Therapy (EET) first and foremost. EET is based on the concept:


You can’t learn to ride a bike without getting on it.


The same can be said for our behaviors. If you don’t actually try out different methods to reduce anxiety, stress, or triggers, how will you know if they actually work out in the real world?


The wonder of EET is that in each of these situations, a therapist is sitting by to coach you through the experience. We don’t expect you to be an expert in this, and we’re here to help you practice these tools as much as you feel comfortable. This “practice” helps cement these skills into both your body and mind, which helps give you best chance to maintain your sobriety once you go back home.

The Physical Side of Recovery

A large part of your program is bringing your physical body to a more balanced state of health. Our holistic rehab utilizes very specific, nutritional supplements and healthy, gourmet meals that will replenish the vitamins and minerals necessary to rebuild your body systems strengthen immunity and return you to an optimum state of health.


To further eliminate residual substance abuse toxins from your body tissues, you are offered a variety of  services, including:

  • acupuncture
  • massage therapy
  • yoga
  • reiki
  • and many other options (some listed further down the page)


As a result of our integrative approach, participants report that they experience great relief from physical and psychological pain. You become relaxed, sleep better, and notice improved memory, as well as an increasing sense of presence, self-awareness, and self-control.


Enhanced mental clarity then supports the process of learning the skills of recovery. Old cravings fall away, and in their place, you develop a vigorous attitude for engaging with life.

Our Holistic Rehab's Comprehensive Approach to Health

The integrative medical team at The Exclusive Hawaii is led by our attending medical director and naturopathic physician with the support of our consulting physicians. In addition to addressing any health issues caused by a person’s addiction, we offer a unique chance to address both acute and chronic health issues for each client while in our program.


After arriving into the program, clients receive a comprehensive physical exam and laboratory testing. The client then has a relaxed conversation with one of our doctors, explaining their health history and any current health concerns they may have. Based on this accumulative information, the medical team develops an individualized treatment plan for each client.


Part of this treatment plan may include nutritional or herbal supplements, which can greatly assist with addiction recovery. Benefits of supplement use can include:

    • helping the body and mind to heal
    • reducing withdrawal symptoms
    • providing mood support
    • correcting critical deficiencies


Daily health checks, coupled with weekly doctor’s visits, allow our team to continuously provide the most effective support for each client. Changes to medications may also be recommended, especially if current medications are ineffective or are causing unwanted side effects.


Our team of dedicated physicians and nurses work together to ensure that every client who completes the program leaves healthier than when they arrived, equipped with an actionable plan on how to continue this lifestyle change when they return home.

Can I Still Take My Prescription Medicine at Your Holistic Rehab?

Our holistic and integrative physicians use a variety of safe, effective options in the diagnosis and treatment of addictions. We strive to see the entire picture of you and evaluate every aspect that could be contributing to your substance use problem.


We do allow our clients to take medications prescribed from their doctors back home. At the same time, our medical director will conduct a comprehensive review of your health and recommend any changes or additions to your medical treatment that would be beneficial for your overall health.

How Acupuncture Aids Recovery

We typically deliver a personalized acupuncture protocol as part of your comprehensive, holistic addiction treatment. In your acupuncture sessions, we address body pain, nausea, and appetite issues.

Holistic Health Integration

Acupuncture is said to garner the following benefits for most patients:

  1. Takes away cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine
  2. Minimizes withdrawal symptoms
  3. Calms the nervous system, which creates less agitation and better sleep
  4. Brings relief from stress and emotional trauma
  5. Creates an easier connection for the client with counseling
  6. Contributes to a discovery of inner quiet and strength
  7. Helps with the intention for recovery

The combined application of acupuncture with our integrative counseling methods creates a powerful, collaborative force for successful recovery physically, emotionally and mentally.


Our holistic rehab typically includes one bodywork session per week, and can consist of massage, structural integration, or craniosacral therapy. The type of bodywork session is determined by a collaboration between you and our medical team. The goal is always to choose the method most appropriate to move you along the process of recovery by releasing pain and discomfort.

The Stress Relief of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is well-documented and well-established for reducing pain, diminishing depression, reducing anxiety and enhancing immune function. Studies show that massage therapy can be as effective as psychotherapy, as far as the immediate benefits of the session, in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


The reason for this is the biochemical effects massage therapy has on the body. It increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine, while decreasing the level of cortisol. Decreased cortisol brings stress relief for the body, while more serotonin and dopamine contribute to a positive state of motivation, productivity, and well-being.


Simply put, touch is extremely important for human beings. We all need to be touched. Touch changes our biochemistry and literally makes us happier. We are designed to be connected to others. Technology and modern society has changed our sense of connection in that people increasingly live alone, and have virtual friends they cannot hug or high-five! Based on the significant impact of massage therapy on the nervous system and mood of our clients, we highly recommend clients to incorporate additional massage sessions into their programs.

The Exclusive Hawaii Rehab - Massage

A Healthy & Thriving Being

Holistic Health Integration Hawaii

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Body is Completely Balanced

Feelings Flow Openly

Thoughts Are Clear & Unhindered

Actions Align with Core Values

Our Holistic Rehab's Structural Integration Treatment

Essentially, our bodies are moving through the air in relation to gravity. With Structural Integration, the primary goal is to improve the alignment and movement of the body. It trains your body to have better alignment with gravity. The focus of this method is actually not on the body’s muscles, but on the muscle’s protective layer, called fascia (connective tissue). Structural Integration aligns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning the fascia. The lengthening of the fascia helps the body to move more efficiently. The effect of Structural Integration reaches far beyond the physical structure. When we align the physical body then emotions, attitudes, belief systems and behavior patterns are affected too. Your potential, your self-confidence, and your ability to handle change (resiliency) are all positively affected through this work.

“To me it’s like this well-rounded holistic program and you get such great special gifts from each one of the staff members here,. They care. They care so deeply about you.”

- Confidential Client Testimonial

Craniosacral Therapy

Cranial bones are the bones in our skull that create a protective cavity to house the brain and brainstem. Over a hundred years ago, Dr. William Sutherland made the observation that cranial sutures express small degrees of motion and that this motion is essentially produced by the body’s life force. The life force (chi in Chinese medicine) produces a series of subtle rhythms in the body that are palpable by a practitioner. A person’s life force is an expression of health, yet, it is influenced by life experiences, stresses, and traumas. When stresses and traumas are overwhelming, they become lodged in the body as ‘sites of inertia,’ until a time when the individual is able to access the strength to process and release these sites of inertia.


The focus of craniosacral therapy is to help resolve the stagnancy that is contributing to disease and fragmentation in the body and mind. This is accomplished by the therapist sensing the body’s subtle rhythms with his or her hands, leading to any pattern of inertia or congestion.

therapist and client sitting in front of ocean at holistic rehab

Craniosacral practitioners can read the story written in your physical body and identify areas where the life force is held stagnantly. Craniosacral treatment enhances the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities, propelling recovery forwards. In accordance with our holistic philosophy at The Exclusive Hawaii, craniosacral therapy takes a whole-person approach to healing and the interconnections of mind, body and spirit are deeply acknowledged. Craniosacral therapy is an effective adjunct treatment for addiction recovery, insomnia, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Healing Touch / Reiki

Reiki is an energy type bodywork that, like craniosacral work, addresses the ‘life force’ in the body. The word reiki is made from two Japanese words – Rei which means “Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. The session will affect emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects like relaxation, improved health and a wonderful feeling of peace.

A Holistic Approach to Nutrition — Fresh Delicious Food

At our holistic rehab, our chefs create a delicious and healthy menu designed to help restore your natural vitality. Our chefs will entice your culinary senses and nurture you back on track to the body you want. Our innovative nutritional plan contributes to detoxifying your system while easing your release from addiction. As you develop a new relationship with food, you will feel energized and gain the strength and clarity of mind you need to support permanent recovery. Our wholesome and delightful cuisine will complement the emerging new you. Special dietary needs are joyfully accommodated. We honor each person’s right and responsibility to choose food that best fits their needs and tastes. All foods, even desserts, are made with whole foods, organic and locally sourced whenever possible.

Do you love to prepare food or do you want to learn from artists of healthful cuisine? Our chefs welcome participation alongside them and in special culinary classes. This program is about empowerment in life! Feeding ourselves well is essential to vitality and wellness.

What Kind of Food is Served?

Gourmet foods are often quietly augmented with sugars and bad fats that are not fit for a vital, healing body. Even people trying to eat well often ingest hidden toxins.

Our kitchen is the exception.

We serve delicious, wholesome, anti-inflammatory foods that address deficiencies common in those with substance abuse history. We serve fresh organic and local foods as much as possible (and take care in selecting healthful imported foods*) prepared with love by chefs who care about replenishing your body and helping you feel great. Our food presentation is lovely, and it fills your palate with delight. A recent client said, “How can it taste so good and be so good for my health at the same time?”

chef preparing nutritious meal at holistic rehab

*Our cuisine is organic whenever possible, 100% natural, gluten-free, GMO-free and focused on low glycemic, whole foods. Our chefs are versed in adapting to special diets including vegan, dairy free, and other restrictions upon request. And if you have a request (even junk food) just ask! Why? Although the diet is focused on clean, fresh, whole foods, we practice no “food dogma,” and we do respect each individual’s choices, hence providing other foods upon request.

Nutritional Counseling at our Holistic Rehab

Our staff dietician will meet with you for nutritional counseling and help you transition to nurturing your body with fresh, phyto-nutrient rich foods. The dietician will make healthy eating accessible to you by coaching you, according to your unique individual lifestyle and circumstances. She will share food preparation tips to incorporate into your lifestyle and make it work for you. Nutritional deficiencies of key amino acids, vitamins and minerals will be addressed together with our integrative doctor. Consideration will be given to digestive problems such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, and the malabsorption of nutrients. Food allergies or sensitivities to common foods such as corn, wheat, sugar, and dairy are also addressed. With co-occurring disorders, your nutritional plan will also address any other occurring medical challenges with tangible strategies to bring relief.

Yoga, Exercise & Fitness

We plan yoga stretching and fitness classes as appropriate for each individual. Our fitness program helps you get beyond the old self-sabotaging beliefs that may have been keeping you from enjoying a fun and fit lifestyle. Together, we create an uplifting physical fitness program for you.


Imagine experiencing a genuine love for physical activity and rebuilding your health. People who truly enjoy living in their own bodies are far less likely to abuse them. With addiction recovery, the stimulation of serotonin production through exercise is a helpful tool to improve mood and shift stagnant energy. Getting the heart rate up and stimulating lymph and blood flow also helps to move toxins the body may be releasing from illicit drugs, pharmaceutical, drugs, alcohol or other toxins.


Since our holistic rehab is customized for individual needs, we can also arrange for additional private instructors upon request, such as high-level trainers for athletes.

Holistic - Rehab Hawaii

COVID 19 Update. We are OPEN.

Yes, we are open to serve you or your family member here in beautiful Hawaii.  During COVID19, we are engaged in extra testing prior and during your stay, extra sanitation protocols, and extra outdoor activity to ease social distancing.  With our small group (max. 8 clients) we are able to manage this very well while offering our life changing program.
Call us so we can assist you to understand how to receive medical travel permissions and to come relax in our private hilltop villa, with wonderful support to heal and grow and release the pain of the past.
Let us assist you to get the best in addiction treatment in our safe and comforting holistic wellness home.