Our Holistic & Integrative Approach

At The Exclusive, our holistic addiction treatment is about more than just abstinence – it is about true healing on every level. In order to end your addiction and enable you to reclaim a joyous and fulfilling life, it is essential to address every level of your being including your physical body, hidden pain or past traumas and bring you in touch with your core essence.

The word holistic comes from the Greek holos, which literally means “whole”. Holistic treatment is based on the most up-to-date research that shows the inextricable relationship between a person’s biology (their chemical balance), their emotions (including past unresolved traumas), their beliefs and mental processes, their habit patterns, and even fitness level. Like the chicken and the egg, one creates the other and all the parts and stages are essential to the whole. A person treated for their addiction symptoms alone cannot and will not heal – only when the whole being is addressed, can complete healing take place.

Our holistic addiction treatment program will help you learn and master the skills you need to defeat your addiction triggers and reclaim the joyous life you want and deserve.

Addiction recovery is not easy but you can do it. We are ready to help you face even your strongest addiction triggers. Call 808-725-2880.