Essence & Gratitude Development

Gratitude is the vehicle to help you connect with your essence, your core self. Essence is not something that can be conceptually understood. It is something that you experience. At The Exclusive we have developed a protocol called “Living From Core Essence,” that is designed to facilitate your renewed (or maybe even brand new) relationship with you beautiful essence.

Essence is about the experience of life and it is rooted in gratitude. Essence doesn’t have judgments of good or bad, right or wrong. Essence can be compared to a baby. Babies are constantly in the state of amazement about everything around them. They have no judgement about anything, they simply experience it. As we grow up in a world of labels, it’s easy for judgment and performance anxiety to creep in. It taints our pure essence experience of living.

As a result of losing touch with our preciousness, we become driven by outside forces to gain self-worth, because we think we need the approval of others. We start living for others (actually to receive the praise of others) without even knowing it because we disconnect from living in our essence and seek relief from outside stimuli. The outside focus on feeling better, the “Band-Aids”, are the sensations that numb the truth of what we are.

The work we do at The Exclusive serves as a doorway to your essence.

Together we cultivate connection with essence through practicing gratitude, intentional vulnerability, and self-nurturing. Some people call it love.

The Power of Practicing Gratitude

A daily practice of gratitude has tremendous power. What we focus on grows. When we concentrate on what is good in our lives and what we are grateful for and really engage with it, our mood and our whole attitude begin to shift, often rapidly.

At The Exclusive, gratitude development often occurs in a small group where gratitude circles are held and clients practice gratitude together with counseling facilitators who really GET it!

What would happen if you were able to wake up every morning seeing life as benevolent, feeling safe deeply in your bones, being grateful with every fiber of your being. And what if it was real? What if?

Gratitude changes everything.
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