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A Different Approach to Addiction:

Non 12-Step Rehab

In our Non 12-Step rehab, we believe that everyone is doing the best they can, based on the beliefs they hold. Because we deeply understand this, we are able to hold a non-judgmental attitude when working with our clients. We treat our clients with love, compassion, and respect. We treat everyone as if they were part of our “Ohana,” or family.

We know that substance abuse is merely a symptom of a deep-rooted issue. We truly understand that drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and eating disorders are an attempt to relieve yourself from anxiety, unresolved past trauma, and depression, to name a few. For that reason, we don’t want to label you or have you identify as your addiction.

Non 12-Step Therapy

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Non 12-Step Rehab - Therapy Treatment Program - The Exclusive Hawaii

Feel Free from Anxiety & Shame

  • We Don’t Label You as an Addict
  • Nonjudgmental Environment
  • One-on-one, Individualized Therapy
  • Holistically-Based Treatment
  • Develop Skills of Self-Regulation
  • Eliminate Urges with Mindful Inquiry

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Hawaii’s Only Non 12 Step Rehab

The traditional 12-step approach to recovery is well-intended and offers several ways to manage your addiction issues, like connecting with others at meetings. Where this program falls short, however, is in its failure to address the emotional pain and core beliefs which led you to your addiction in the first place. Rather than seeing yourself at war with drugs and alcohol, which may leave you feeling powerless in the face of your addiction, ask yourself this question: “Am I ready to face what I’ve tried so hard to avoid by using drugs or drinking”? At the same time, we understand if you want to transition the new into the old. If you feel in harmony with 12-step, yet you want to go much, much deeper — we do accommodate 12-step adherents. We’ll take you to groups and support your working of the steps, while introducing you to powerful, core healing work to end your struggles once and for all.

The Difference Between a 12-Step & Non 12-Step Program

There are many reputable, traditional 12 step and rehab programs available that have very good track records for helping their clients get sober. While getting sober is a crucial step, it is only the first step in the recovery process. Being able to stop the destructive pattern of self-criticism is essential if you want to continue to stay sober. This is where most rehab programs fall short. The inability to stop these patterns is why people who have been to traditional rehab, even people who have years of AA and NA meetings behind them, relapse.

The Exclusive Hawaii’s exceptionally and professionally educated counselors know how to help you identify even the most deeply buried emotional pain that is at the root of your addiction. They can teach you how to release that pain and overcome those deep issues, and to stop hurting yourself. Our counselors will teach you how to regain your own emotional fluidity and help you take charge of your own core beliefs, your urges, your emotions, and your choices.

Reprogram Your Addictive Patterns

At The Exclusive Hawaii, we use several different, non 12-step experiential therapies to break down the walls you’ve put up, and help you discover what’s really driving your addiction and co-occurring disorders. We guide you in developing new self-regulation and life skills to navigate the fight-or-flight responses that have driven your reactive behavior in the past.

We want to open your eyes to the many beautiful and wonderful things you have to offer the world, while encouraging you that you do have the power to change how you think and act. In our program, we can help you discover, or rediscover, your life’s passion. And when things get tough, we’ll sit with you and help you navigate your emotions. We’ll provide a nonjudgmental ear to listen to your struggles, without condemning what you’ve done in the past. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to release from the idea that you are sentenced to this addiction for the rest of your life.

Skills to Change Self-Destructive Thinking

One way we create change for our clients is through teaching them how to become aware of the underlying reasons for their thoughts. When you’re aware, you notice what’s working and what’s not. By using the tool of Mindful Inquiry (MI), you can adjust your beliefs and your behavior naturally.

At The Exclusive Hawaii, Mindful Inquiry sessions will be a major part of your recovery process. In these sessions, a skilled Mindful Inquiry counselor will use questions to help you discover your own answers. The questions are asked in a non-judgmental and caring way. During these sessions, you will uncover core beliefs that have fueled your addictions and life-long struggles. You will develop the skills to change these self-defeating thoughts, and therefore, create new empowering beliefs that will lead to self-trust, greater clarity, and joy. Mindful Inquiry will be the catalyst for permanent change from living a life of substance abuse to a conscious continuum of empowering choices.

Holistic Non 12-Step Rehab - Hawaii

Mindful Inquiry is an experiential way of learning, and helps you deeply anchor and retain your newly gained knowledge. Within Mindful Inquiry sessions, you will likely experience genuine laughter or surprising shifts in your understanding ― these are very powerful “aha!” moments of awakening and breakthroughs. You will have several one-on-one Mindful Inquiry sessions every week. You will become continually more aware of the power of this work, as you experience shifts in your thinking and your interactions after accessing your core beliefs.

Stimulus/Belief/Response Model

Stimulus Belief Response Coaching

To understand how to utilize Mindful Inquiry, you will first learn the concept of Stimulus/Belief/Response. Stimulus/Belief/Response is based on the idea that we all react differently to a stimulus, or situation, based on the beliefs we hold.

For example, say someone cuts in front of you in line.

One person may become angry and yell at them.

Another person may become nervous, suddenly anxious at the thought of confrontation.

Another person may bless the line cutter — believing they must have had a very good reason to jump in front.

If a stimulus is the cause of a response, wouldn’t all three people have the same response?

Each person responded differently because they have developed different beliefs throughout their lives. We adopt these beliefs to take care of ourselves. The problem is that most of our beliefs were adopted a long time ago, at a time when our consciousness wasn’t as developed as it is today. So, when we don’t question our strategies and beliefs, we end up using those same, old beliefs, even if they’re not true anymore.

Mindful Inquiry Therapy Sessions

You will find that the process of practicing Mindful Inquiry is extremely powerful. The experience of sharing your reasons for thinking and behaving a certain way, without being judged, is deeply moving. This process allows you to step into vulnerability and away from shame. During these sessions, you will come to realize that you have all the answers and solutions to your dilemmas. These sessions are self-explorations where the counselor assists you by asking questions. Questions are aimed at understanding your core beliefs. The counselor will question feelings and behaviors as these are the doorway to your belief system.

You are the explorer, and at the same time, are the subject being explored. The counselor is merely your guide, holding the lantern for you. There are no right or wrong answers, because there is no judgment of what is right. Both you and the counselor will be in full acceptance of what plays out in the present moment.

Mindful Inquiry is based entirely on respect for your own innate wisdom, therefore, the counselor will not offer advice. Trust yourself that you have the answers within you. No one knows you better than you know yourself. Not only do we use Mindful Inquiry in our small group and individual therapy sessions, we also teach you the process of inquiry. This empowers you to begin shifting from being trapped in the constant chatter of your mind, to questioning your thoughts and responses.

The Exclusive Hawaii - Non 12-Step Rehab Program

How To Use Breathwork in Recovery

To create long-term results, you need to create a daily practice that helps you maintain a self-regulated mindset. At The Exclusive Hawaii, we incorporate a breathwork routine into all of our clients programs, as we’ve seen the massive impact breath can have on clients’ recovery. Breath allows you to create space after experiencing a trigger, rather than responding with a knee-jerk reaction. Through this space comes clarity.

Conscious Breathing

Through conscious breathing, we train our minds to be in the present moment. Conscious breathing occurs four times a day, usually in a small group setting led by a team member. Each conscious breathing session lasts for fifteen minutes. Conscious breathing is a form of breathing meditation where we use the breath to become aware of how your mind tends to jump rapidly from one thought to another. The simple discipline of focusing on the breath and breathing mantra will bring you back to the present moment every time the mind wants to pull you away from the richness of the present moment.

You will notice that after each conscious breathing session, you will experience reduced anxiety and stress and you will feel more centered and grounded. Long term goals of conscious breathing are cultivating the ability to have your full attention on the present moment and being a better observer of your thoughts.

Conscious Breathing

This is a powerful tool to incorporate into your life and self-care routine to support your recovery far beyond the duration of the program.

COVID 19 Update. We are OPEN.

Yes, we are open to serve you or your family member here in beautiful Hawaii.  During COVID19, we are engaged in extra testing prior and during your stay, extra sanitation protocols, and extra outdoor activity to ease social distancing.  With our small group (max. 8 clients) we are able to manage this very well while offering our life changing program.
Call us so we can assist you to understand how to receive medical travel permissions and to come relax in our private hilltop villa, with wonderful support to heal and grow and release the pain of the past.
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