Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Debra Wong Yuen


Embodying the term “Auntie” in the best possible way, Deb is the gentle soul who you know will be there for you, for whatever you need. Even if it’s simply needing someone to listen, Deb’s warm presence and soft voice are therapeutic by nature.

As our lead housekeeper, Deb gives her all to grab up any tropical insects, shoo the geckos outdoors, clean the session rooms before sessions start in the morning, and be the stealth cleaner that we appreciate so much!

If you’re lucky, Deb may even treat you to some local Hawaiian history, or recipes for the best cuisine the Big Island has to offer! While not at work, Deb enjoys spending time with her family and being out in the beauty of nature. If you see Deb, feel free to strike up a conversation – you never know what Deb will surprise you with – we’re still finding out wonderful, new things about her every day!