Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Dr. Justin Groode M.D.


Our vibrant health consultant and educator, Dr. Groode radiates energy and joy. With his extensive training in functional and integrative medicine, as well as homeopathy, he teaches clients about relevant health topics and works with clients individually and in groups. He works closely with Dr. Linda Hostalek towards emphasizing underlying causes of imbalances in the body’s physiology and biochemistry. Dr. Groode also educates clients about appropriate functional medicine specialty tests available to gain a more in-depth understanding of their individual health needs.

Also an accomplished musician, Justin can be found jamming with clients in the living room and readily laughing and sharing.

Born in California and having grown up on Maui, Justin and his wife and three children have lived in Israel and mainland U.S., moving in 2015 to be closer to family members.

Fun fact: his relative are among some of the producers of the organic produce we use in our kitchen!