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Dr. Maile Green


Dr. Maile is a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, and registered nurse. Her role is to monitor and support clients in their physical experience through detoxification and new sobriety.

Dr. Maile’s passion for understanding health and healing has inspired her through years of training and working in healing fields. From the most cutting-edge and modern medicine to nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Maile has never stopped learning. Her hope for those in recovery is that as they learn to understand their own internal emotions and motivations, they will become empowered in their lives to stop their detrimental behaviors.

Dr. Maile trained at Bastyr University in Seattle as a ND and Lac. Prior to this, she was an RN, spending most of her RN career working in emergency departments.

While she spent many years on the mainland, Dr. Maile always knew she would eventually come back home. While born and raised on Oahu, the Big Island always had a special place in her heart, and she knew one day it would be her home. She moved to Hawaii island several years ago from Colorado. She most loves the vibrant natural environment of Hawaii.

When not working, Dr. Maile enjoys wandering in the woods with her dogs and work on a wide variety of projects, from making soap to farming to electrical rewiring, on her off-grid homestead.



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