Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Dr. Shay Bintliff M.D.


Serving on the Hawaii State Medical Board and on The Exclusive Hawaii’s board of quality assurance, Dr. Shay is a brilliant M.D. with decades of experience in emergency room care and management, and an unusual mix of creative projects to boot!

She is also a comedian, writer, athlete, and energetic community volunteer.

Writer of the “Laughter Therapy” column in the local newspaper, Dr. Shay claims Dr. Patch Adams as a friend, and she never leaves a room without telling a joke.

A former surfer, she still boogie boards, paddles canoes, golfs, bikes, works on her sandalwood farm, and walks her beloved dogs with her partner Libby.

We recently learned that she had a big secret! Dr. Shay performed on Vaudeville at age 5, with her mother and uncle, who had a professional song and dance show! How fun is that? Her mom’s good friend was none other than Ginger Rogers!

Her connection to everyone she meets is inspiring. The awards this brilliant doctor has won over the years is too long to list. She has also been a delegate to the White House conference on families, National Violence Prevention Commission and many more. We are honored and proud to have the support of Dr. Shay.