Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Joyce Marvel-Benoist


Joyce is a longtime consultant and pragmatic problem solver, having worked to empower individuals, families, and companies for nearly 30 years. Known for her consistent, authentic, and passionate optimism, Joyce inspires her clients to clearly identify their life’s work and move beyond addiction into a truly fulfilling life of purpose. Applying her focused intuition and deep compassion, she serves as a seasoned guide, adept at finding real, accessible and even joyful solutions to the often heartbreaking problems that have resulted from substance abuse.

Trained and certified in multiple approaches, Joyce has developed a unique style that encompasses palpable tenderness, fierce truth telling, and embracing the whole person.

Joyce’s approach is lively and highly participatory, as she leads transformative, innovative programs including: Laughter Yoga, Life Purpose Life Passion, Empowering the Family, and What’s Great About It!

With real life experience in eating compulsively, covering for abusive men, and wimping out around angry people, Joyce has firsthand experience healing from addictive, shame-based, and self-destructive habits using Core Belief Restructuring, prayer and meditation, art therapy, reframing, dance, and psychodrama.

Joyce has worked for such growth organizations as PSI World Seminars, Option Institute, Unity Church and the American Baptist Church. She co-founded Buffalo Press, Planetary Smile, Self-Empowerment Counseling, and Power On Coaching Inc.

Joyce is also an internationally published author, the founder of Women’s Circle Hawaii, and enthusiastic mother of three.

COVID 19 Update. We are OPEN.

Yes, we are open to serve you or your family member here in beautiful Hawaii.  During COVID19, we are engaged in extra testing prior and during your stay, extra sanitation protocols, and extra outdoor activity to ease social distancing.  With our small group (max. 8 clients) we are able to manage this very well while offering our life changing program.
Call us so we can assist you to understand how to receive medical travel permissions and to come relax in our private hilltop villa, with wonderful support to heal and grow and release the pain of the past.
Let us assist you to get the best in addiction treatment in our safe and comforting holistic wellness home.