Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Nick Grafton

Nurse Coach LPN

The Exclusive medical team has one goal in mind: making sure our clients feel confident about their health. As one of our nurses, Nick strives to help our clients feel safe, cared for, and seen.


Nick’s comforting demeanor comes from his wealth of experience. As a member of an emergency response team, Nick knows how to handle any unexpected situations with calm and ease. From his time as a psychiatric nurse, he knows how to work with clients with a wide combination of different diagnoses. And with United States Marine Corps training, Nick never takes the easy route and makes sure your medical needs are fully met.


A great listener, Nick will take the time to sit and hear what you have to say: whether that is a medical concern you’re having, a new symptom you’ve noticed, or how you’re proud of the progress you’ve made since you joined us.

At the same time, Nick wants to connect with you—so if you feel like you should tell him about your pet parakeet—go right ahead!


Nick moved to the Big Island in 2018 from Michigan. He loves how he can stop and have a conversation with nearly anyone on the island and walk away learning something interesting.


When not at the center, Nick enjoys kayaking and hiking. He’s also very proud of two of his older children, who are following his path and going to college for medicine.