Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Ron Zisook


Chef Ron loves to cook. Working his way through college at Chicago’s Premier caterer, he learned from a host of European chefs and bakers dedicated to quality. And after living in France and connecting with his passion for food and culinary creativity, he moved to Germany to be a sous-chef at a fine restaurant on the Rhine River. Always keen on freshness and local food sources, he has been cooking for over twenty years. He educated himself further in California, hanging out at the Culinary Academy and creating products for farmer’s markets.

Ron and his wife have refurbished a historic former Buddhist temple on the Hamakua coast, now a Yoga B&B, and he’s known on the island for his handmade Gelato Ono (in Hawaiian, ono means delicious)! He loves connecting with people from all over the world serving up some of Hawaii’s best foods.

COVID 19 Update. We are OPEN.

Yes, we are open to serve you or your family member here in beautiful Hawaii.  During COVID19, we are engaged in extra testing prior and during your stay, extra sanitation protocols, and extra outdoor activity to ease social distancing.  With our small group (max. 8 clients) we are able to manage this very well while offering our life changing program.
Call us so we can assist you to understand how to receive medical travel permissions and to come relax in our private hilltop villa, with wonderful support to heal and grow and release the pain of the past.
Let us assist you to get the best in addiction treatment in our safe and comforting holistic wellness home.