Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Sherri Longyear


Sherri Longyear is a board member emeritus of LifeResults Seminars and has been an active personal growth seminar advocate and staffer for over thirty years. Before moving to Hawaii, Sherri had her own practice as a massage therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, craniosacral therapist and reconnective healing therapist near Rochester, NY.

Sherri is a licensed massage therapist who is trained in Lomi Lomi Massage, Ho’oponopono Healing and is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca. Sherri has also received certifications in CranioSacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Recall/Release at the Upledger Institute. Additionally, Sherri is trained in Healing Through Release and Reconnective Healing Therapy™.

At The Exclusive Hawaii, Sherri’s work is focused on coaching clients in life skills and bringing clients to personal responsibility by identifying their life purpose and creating a personal contract. Sherri teaches clients that wherever they are with a specific challenge, they are on an important step in the paradigm of six stages of growth. She then shows them how to move through the stages to successfully resolve the issue. She also uses centering techniques and guided visualizations in her work. Sherri has delved deeply into the therapy methodologies at The Exclusive Hawaii and continues to devote many hours to further training in Core Belief Restructuring, Experiential Engagement Therapy, and Emotional Fluidity. She is weaving these methodologies into her work, elevating her practice into an integrated body of work.

Sherri brings an incredible intuitive sense to her work, where she easily understands where clients are in their discovery process. She experiences what clients are feeling with tremendous compassion. Her history of trauma work and attending many energy psychology conferences throughout her years of training, combined with her body work licenses, make Sherri’s touch a powerful healing force.

Sherri is also the neural tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), facilitator at The Exclusive Hawaii. Her fifteen years of experience as an EFT practitioner makes her the perfect candidate to teach others this effective technique to release past trauma, reduce anxiety, and overcome depression.

When Sherri is not at The Exclusive, she is at her library or on the beach, rejuvenating in the ocean, soaking in the healing qualities of water.

COVID 19 Update. We are OPEN.

Yes, we are open to serve you or your family member here in beautiful Hawaii.  During COVID19, we are engaged in extra testing prior and during your stay, extra sanitation protocols, and extra outdoor activity to ease social distancing.  With our small group (max. 8 clients) we are able to manage this very well while offering our life changing program.
Call us so we can assist you to understand how to receive medical travel permissions and to come relax in our private hilltop villa, with wonderful support to heal and grow and release the pain of the past.
Let us assist you to get the best in addiction treatment in our safe and comforting holistic wellness home.