Introducing Our Team

Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

Tony Bonnici


The cravings and struggles of overcoming addiction can be greatly assisted by forms of the meditation that bring peace, comfort and greater awareness. Tony is a proficient and patient guide who understands the freedom that can be found in empowered, joyful disciplines.

Tony brings a lifetime of personal experience to his practice of meditation. A certified Applied Meditation Therapy Counselor and Trainer, he has been living, practicing and training in meditation for his entire life.

Who can claim to have been brought up in a Zen Meditation Temple? Tony. A master of both seated meditation and engaged body (moving) meditation, he embodies an inspiring and unusual depth and presence.

Having competed internationally, Tony is a black belt in Judo and a practitioner of Akido and Kempo Karate as well.

In addition to meditating and teaching martial arts, Tony has been competing in triathlons, adventure races, soccer, baseball, golf, mountain bike races, weight training, running, swimming and wake boarding! He would tell you that he meditates while doing all of this! We think he’s amazing! No wonder he is also a peak performance coach.

Father of two energetic little boys and husband of a highly creative woman, Tony has faced his limitations time and again. His raw honesty, joyful enthusiasm, and profound self awareness make him highly accessible for those seeking to learn from his vast depth of applied knowledge.