Alcohol Rehab Program on Hawaii’s “Healing Island”

Treatment That Focuses On You – Not Just Your Addiction

When you come to The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii for an alcohol rehab program, you will discover an experience unlike anything you have ever felt before. Long known as “the healing island“, Hawaii provides a nurturing setting for your healing to begin.

A Non 12-Step Approach To Alcohol Rehab

The alcohol rehab program at The Exclusive Hawaii is not like the traditional 12-step programs with which you are probably already familiar. Our program is not about nightly meetings and sharing your stories of suffering with strangers. Instead, we focus on three things:

  1. Helping you to become physically and emotionally healthy
  2. Helping you to identify and address the past pain or trauma that is at the core of your alcohol addiction
  3. Helping you to gain the strength and personal awareness you need to end your alcohol addiction

Here, in this safe haven, you will begin to heal your deepest emotional hurts and free yourself from the compulsion to “numb out” with alcohol.

We can help you end your alcohol addiction. Call us at 808-775-0200.

*Let’s be clear: if you wish to attend 12 step meetings, we are happy to accompany you to one of many local meetings. Your unique needs are important to us.

An Alcohol Rehab Program that Succeeds Where Others Have Failed

Like most other addictions, alcoholism is a symptom of a deeper pain. This pain, and the self-criticism that it provokes, is what fuels your need to drink. Breaking this pattern of self-criticism is where most traditional alcohol rehab programs fall short. It is also the reason why many people who have been to rehab and have years of AA meetings behind them still relapse.

Getting sober is a crucial first step in ending your alcohol addiction, but what happens when you return to “the real world” and are once again confronted with old triggers? If the root cause of your addiction is not resolved, that hidden pain can come flooding back — and the result is usually a relapse.

alcohol rehab program

An alcohol rehab program that gets to the core of your drinking habit.

At The Exclusive Hawaii, our addiction counselors will help you uncover the root cause of your addiction and release the pain that it has caused you over the years. They will teach you how to regain your own emotional fluidity and change the way you see yourself. This path out of addiction will bring tremendous relief, and with it a sense of clarity and of self that you have never known before.

Our alcohol rehab program will help you eliminate your self-destructive shame-based beliefs so you can permanently end your alcohol addiction. Call 808-775-0200.

Labels are for Soup Cans — Not People

Fear and shame are the two most common reasons why people don’t seek help for their alcohol addiction. Fear that their friends and loved ones would think them weak or bad, and shame because deep down they already think that themselves. Your alcohol addiction does not mean you are a bad person. It means you are a person who is hurting and needs help.

At The Exclusive Hawaii, we will not label you. Labeling is counterproductive to your recovery and only reinforces the self-critical feelings that you already have. While in our care, you will be treated with compassion and respect – like the valuable, whole person that you are. We will help you end your alcohol addiction, re-discover your sense of self-worth, and help you find balance, joy and hope in your new addiction-free life!

It’s time to let go of the negative self-judgments you have accumulated over your lifetime. In our safe and caring environment, you will experience the feeling of being fully supported and valued by safe, experienced and authentic addiction treatment professionals whose sole focus is your recovery.

You can end your alcohol addiction. Call us at 808-775-0200 and let’s take those first steps together into your addiction-free future.