The Exclusive Drug Rehab Center in Hawaii

Drug rehab that treats you and not just your addiction

If you are struggling with drug addiction, you know that it affects more than just yourself. Like ripples in a pond, the devastating effects move outward, touching everyone in your life. You want to get better but you just don’t know how. Your addiction seems impossible to overcome and all of the traditional drug rehab and 12-step programs just don’t seem right for you.

You’re not alone. The truth is that 12-step drug treatment programs, while well-intentioned, often only address a person’s surface addiction issues. They fail to identify and treat the underlying root cause of the addiction, which can prevent complete recovery.

A note about Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous:

12 Step Programs work for some folks—people who have the ability to not succumb to the shame of repeatedly declaring themselves “addict” and those who relate to the concept of powerlessness as a positive thing. For those who utilize 12 Step but who find they need to go deeper, untethering themselves from the old traumas and tragic imbalances that repeatedly cause cravings, emotional imbalance and relapse—The Exclusive accommodates. If you want to attend local 12 step meetings, we are happy to take you because we know that what works for each person is a unique combination of tools, therapies and holistic approaches. The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is about profound and sustainable empowerment, not a one size fits all recipe. We support you to work the plan that best fits who you are.

A Clear Path to Ending Your Drug Addiction

Knowing that you suffer from drug addiction and wanting to get help are critical first steps, but what happens next? The innovative, holistic drug rehab program at The Exclusive Hawaii gives you a clear road map to ending your drug addiction that does more than simply treat the addiction. Our drug rehab program focuses on you as a whole person, helping you get healthy and giving you the tools you need to stop the cycle that leads to drug abuse.

Underlying almost all forms of addiction is an unaddressed emotional wounding. That is why providing you with a safe, nourishing environment is our number one priority. We are here to support your healing.

In order for a drug treatment program to be successful in helping you end your drug addiction, it is essential to:

  • Address severe chemical imbalances created by drugs and to set up healing protocols immediately to support you
  • Uncover the underlying causes (physical, mental and emotional) that led to drug dependence in the first place and assist you in real, doable solutions to your deepest concerns
  • Release previous traumas and unresolved issues, relieving you of painful burdens you’ve tried to carry
  • Set up a powerful arsenal of skills and tools to support your empowerment even in the presence of your biggest addiction triggers

We are ready to help you get healthy and teach you the skills to break free of your drug addiction. All you need to do is reach out. Call us at 808-775-0200.

Experienced Drug Addiction Treatment Professionals

The team of drug addiction treatment professionals at The Exclusive Hawaii has years of extensive, dedicated experience helping people like you overcome their drug addictions. Unlike many other drug rehab centers, however, they have a deeper understanding of the struggles you are going through because they’ve been there too. Whether formerly addicted themselves or helping loved ones who were addicted, they have seen first-hand how drug addiction tears lives apart. The skills that they will teach you to help you overcome your addiction are the same ones they have applied in their own lives. At The Exclusive, staff members are selected by how well they walk their talk (even the chefs and housekeepers.) You will be feel the kinship.

Drug addiction is almost always a symptom of a deeper, often suppressed, pain or trauma. Our counselors and therapists know exactly how to get to the root of that pain and help you to identify and address it. This deep introspection leads to empowered understanding. Addressing the root cause and core beliefs that trigger your drug addiction in the first place will end your need to use drugs.

drug rehab

Our drug rehab counselors will get to the root of your suppressed trauma or pain.

Let our caring and highly skilled counselors help you gain the personal strength and awareness you need to break free and end your drug addiction once and for all. Call 808-775-0200.

Caring Approach to Drug Rehab

At The Exclusive Hawaii, we firmly believe that using labels is counterproductive to your recovery. Labels only produce shame which, all too often, lead to a relapse. We will never identify you as an outcast, a diagnosis, or a disease. Those designations do not serve you, nor do they reflect the deeper truth about the person you really are.

We know that you are not broken, but rather temporarily off-balance. Your drug addiction does not make you a bad person and it does not define you. It is a symptom of something deeper that needs to be addressed and resolved.

While in our care, you are first and foremost respected and treated like the valuable, whole human being that you are. We will help you find your way out from under your drug addiction — back to balance and life that is wide open and full of new possibilities.

We believe in you. You can end your drug addiction and we are here to help you every step of the way. Call us today at 808-775-0200 and take that first step into your drug-free future.