Executive Rehab

Holding a high-level position can make it very difficult to choose to get help. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your health, above all else, is the most important aspect of your own life. If you’re still not convinced, think about your work ethic currently, while having a substance abuse problem. Are you reaching your full potential? Are you as productive as you want to be? By attending executive rehab, getting clean and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, your career path will be dramatically improved.

Embracing Executive Rehab, Not Escaping

Many executive rehabs think the best way to heal is to cut off from the outside world completely. We understand that many career-driven professionals cannot realistically leave work for one or two months. Here at The Exclusive executive rehab center, we think there is merit in the integration between your “real life” and “rehab life.”

If you wish to continue working while at our facility, we will work out a plan to make sure you get the most out of your program, yet are able to produce quality work from our center for your business. Each client’s treatment plan is completely customized, ensuring that your unique business needs are discussed on an individual basis.

executive rehab

Are you an executive with substance abuse challenges? Embrace executive rehab in Hawaii. Our highly confidential program allows you to take care of business while receiving a cutting edge residential treatment.

Why Continuing to Work While at Rehab is Actually Good

Our main goal is to teach you the skills to handle anxiety and stress – both of which lead to addictive behaviors – and apply those skills within your own life after rehab. This means that if you work while going through your therapeutic process, you are able to encounter the real-life situations that trigger your addictive behaviors. This could also help you identify situations that you did not even realize were triggers in your life. For example, maybe after every time you worked with your coworker Joe, you would get anxious. This anxiety led you to go home and drink. Now, while at the center, you cannot drink to dilute the anxiety after a phone call with Joe. You must address why working with Joe is leading you to feel this way. Only then will you discover that it’s not actually Joe that is leading you to this emotion, but your own beliefs are driving this harmful behavior. We will work through these beliefs until you get to the point where you can happily work alongside Joe with no desire to abuse a substance.

After you return to your daily lifestyle after attending our program, you will already have had some experience applying the skills you learned to your work life. But to help you have the best chance of success, our Aftercare Life Skills program can assist you in working through those extra tough situations, work-related or not, to ensure that you do not drift back towards substance abuse.

The Beauty of our Time Difference

For executives, a rehab center in Hawaii is the perfect option for staying connected to your business during rehabilitation. Hawaii is in the Hawaiian-Aleutian Time Zone, which means it is three hours behind California time, and six hours behind the East Coast. Our days at The Exclusive are often packed, physically and emotionally, leaving clients to often head to bed early (several clients have cited that they had they best sleep of their lives while staying with us!) This means that a professional could easily wake up early in the morning, get a few hours of work in during their business’ normal work hours, and then be done in time for breakfast. By allowing clients to work in the morning, they often already feel accomplished by the time they start their first activity of the day, leading them to be even more participative and involved.

Cell Phone and Computer Usage

A majority of work is completed on computers, so why would we want to ban our clients from using them? Clients are welcome to use their computers and cell phones during their working hours. We do ask that, while in session, clients refrain from using such devices so they can stay fully engaged with the process.

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With our highly customized executive rehab program, you can use your cell phone and laptop to get important work done.

Luxury Executive Rehab in Hawaii

Our secluded, 10,000 square-foot estate overlooking the Pacific is ideal for a respite from any high-stress occupation. We want to ensure that you are in the most relaxing and healing setting possible during your journey to sobriety. While staying with us, you will have the finest amenities available to you, including individualized detoxification acupuncture, customized bodywork, yoga and fitness classes, excursions to the natural wonders of The Big Island, as well as our pool and spa facilities. These are coupled with gourmet meals prepared by our master chefs, as well as nutritional and health counseling.

A Private & Confidential Executive Drug Rehab Center

Our licensed and accredited executive drug treatment facility follows the strictest of laws when it comes to your personal information and identity. Our sessions are HIPAA law mandated, ensuring that anything you say will not be discussed again. Also, our secluded location eliminates the chance of you seeing anyone you know while in the program. If you would like to keep your rehabilitation process private, you could simply tell anyone who asks about your leave that you vacationed in Hawaii for a month. Your tan lines and photos will corroborate your story, leaving you to choose with who you want to share the details of your healing journey.

luxury executive rehab in Hawaii

Get a private room, close the door and get your work done without distractions.

The Exclusive’s Executive Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program in Hawaii

Executive Rehab that Doesn’t Feel Like Rehab

Is it necessary for drug and alcohol rehab to be disciplinary and institutional to be effective? We believe – absolutely not. Instead, at The Exclusive residence we value a home-like, warm and friendly atmosphere. One of our highest values are to be in collaboration with our clients. We do not impose rules, we collaborate with each individual, because every person is after all unique.

Executives especially need autonomy as their high level positions afford them freedom to think and act and lead. A rehab that doesn’t support that will be counter-productive and stifle an executive’s recovery and potential for growth.

Executives can retreat to their private suite accommodations for reflection, work and self-care while at other times they can relax in the pool, living room or enjoy a meal shared with other guests in the dining room. We’ve created a home. The only difference is that a rigorous and carefully designed addiction recovery protocol is being delivered here as well.

Non-12 Step, Holistic Executive Addiction Treatment that Works

The Exclusive program is an alternative to the traditional 12-steps program. A proprietary Core Belief Restructuring™ program together with a holistic and integrative treatment approach helps executives successfully recovery from heroin, drug, alcohol and prescription drug addiction.

We focus on teaching life skills that will assist you in propelling your executive career further without relying on substances to cope.