Hawaii’s Holistic Luxury Drug Rehab Center

Wealthy people are not immune to life’s struggles. In fact some research suggests that alcohol and drug abuse rates are higher among the privileged. At The Exclusive we don’t want clients to let go of their standard of living while attending a residential rehab program. Instead we want clients to receive treatment in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. It is also more likely that wealthy individuals will complete a residential addiction treatment program when they experience great ease and comfort. Luxury surroundings and treatment can also make transition into a residential recovery program easier.

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is a preferred destination for those seeking a small, private and personalized treatment in luxurious surroundings

A Secluded Luxury Drug Rehab Center in Hawaii

The Exclusive luxury rehab is located on The Big Island of Hawaii on the Hamakua coast. Secluded with a 180 degree ocean view, this is the most peaceful and healing environment you could ever wish for. Being away from all the overwhelming fast track busy-ness of life is conducive to finding a new way of being.

Private & Confidential

High-profile individuals may find it hard to seek help for addiction. They may be overly concerned that their substance abuse problem will be exposed and affect their status. Many executives are highly functioning in their positions in spite of substance abuse at home. How do they get away for treatment, when they have pressing responsibilities? How will they explain their absence to colleagues and family?

At The Exclusive we value absolute discretion. Our privacy procedures ensure the highest levels of confidentiality so you can relax and focus on recovery and rebuilding your life.

Our secluded location provide a level of privacy often desired by those who want to protect their reputations in their personal and professional lives.

Individualized Luxury Care

Your stay with us will begin with an individualized, safe holistic detoxification designed by our integrative doctor based on a thorough assessment on arrival. Our caring nurses and other support staff will supervise you closely and make the withdrawal as comfortable as possible.

Our programs focus on empowering approaches to therapy and include a fully individualized schedule integrating our unique Core Belief Restructuring™ program, training in Living from Core Essence, wellness and health sessions, stress reduction and management, and art and movement therapies. Our New Life Direction Program is aimed at connecting you with your personal life mission and is customized to match your values and unique goals.

Luxury wellness environment? Sure, they exist all over the world, but we are confident that what our clients want most is the best quality program individualized for them.

Luxury Drug Rehab that Embraces Non-12 Step, Holistic Treatment

Our non-12 step programs include a full schedule of individualized wellness and holistic therapies in conjunction with a focus on empowering approaches to therapy. Specifically we use Core Belief Restructuring™ as the foundation of our psychologically based treatment to discover and transform core beliefs that are leading to addiction.

The Core Belief Restructuring program is carefully designed to unfold over four weeks as participants learn about themselves and acquire skills to deal with stressors and triggers. Our program engages clients in Experiential Engagement Therapy™ and Mindful Inquiry which empowers you to deep understanding of your own psyche and self-acceptance.

Our addiction treatment approach uses individualized, holistic therapies together with counseling therapies and integrative medicine.

At The Exclusive luxury drug rehab center in Hawaii, we don’t compromise on standards, yet our luxury drug rehab program still delivers an intense, integrated program with a clear road map to recovery. Our focus is on all parts of you, your whole being, not only your addiction.

Exceptional Services & Luxury Rehab Amenities

If luxurious living, delicious organic whole foods, beautiful scenery, and sate-of-the-art addiction treatment are what you’re looking for, The Exclusive Hawaii, may be the place that best fits your recovery.

Our clients don’t come for the swimming pool or the bodywork. They come to end the suffering of living with addiction. They achieve that and far more than they expected.

Our exceptional services and luxurious amenities include executive-style accommodations, luxury beds and linens, organic personal care products, organic, non-gmo and healthy gourmet meals, swimming pool, access to gym and infrared sauna, individualized detox acupuncture protocol, personalized bodywork like massage, structural integration or craniosacral therapy, EFT, EMDR, fitness, yoga, personal training, nutrition consultations, and mindfulness training.

Although amenities are abundant, the unique holistic therapeutic work is what The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is known for and is delivering in this luxury rehab program. Free from the usual limits and rules, the program focuses on addressing the very deepest reasons for addiction starting and taking hold in the first place.

luxury drug rehab center

Our facility is completely private with a 180 degree ocean view, set in green pastures with a swimming pool, hot tub, and infrared sauna.

Dual Diagnosis & The Exclusive Luxury Rehab Program

Substance abuse seldom exists alone. Most cases present with co-occurring mental health challenges or some form of mental-emotional struggle. At The Exclusive we treat a wide range of psychological disorders including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, codependency, traumatic life experiences, personality disorders, bi-polar disorder, phobias and chronic pain with a holistic and integrative approach.

Our physician also manages any physical health condition in cooperation with your regular doctor or specialist.

World-Class Accommodations on a Private Estate

At The Exclusive we feature luxurious bedrooms. Our facility is like none other—completely private with a 180 degree ocean view, this 10,000 square foot resort home is set in green pastures with a waterfall swimming pool, hot tub, and infra-red sauna. A luxury program with a rigorous schedule and first class amenities. We’re proud of our standards—we don’t compromise.

A Comfortable Residential Recovery Environment

At The Exclusive you can breathe. There are few other recovery centers with such ambiance. Our staff supports the vision and the reality of the center being your home while you are with us. When we are in the house with you, the feel is relaxed, present and focused on your wellbeing. We want you to experience being fully supported and actually enjoy being here. So often we hear Exclusive clients say, “The Exclusive doesn’t feel like being in a rehab, it’s like being in my own home”.

Our program is not only about the act of quitting an addiction, instead The Exclusive is the safest and most supportive place on the planet to resolve one’s biggest dilemmas and to get truly free. Our clients love it here. Our staff loves it here. We’ve created a secluded sanctuary to come and heal.