Hawaii’s Only Non 12 Step Rehab and Recovery Program

An effective alternative to the traditional 12-Step Recovery Program which makes room for your uniqueness

The traditional 12-step approach to recovery is well-intended and offers many ways to manage your addiction issues. Where this program falls short, however, is in its failure to address the emotional pain and core beliefs which led you to your addiction in the first place.

Rather than seeing yourself at war with drugs and alcohol, which may leave you feeling powerless in the face of your addiction, ask yourself this question:

“Am I ready to face that which I’ve desperately sought to numb and avoid by using drugs and drinking?”

Don’t get me wrong. If you feel in harmony with 12 Step, yet you want to go much, much deeper—-we do accommodate 12 Step adherents. We’ll take you to groups and support your working of the steps, while introducing you to powerful core healing work to end your struggles once and for all.

Our Non 12 Step Rehab and Recovery Program Gets to the Root of Your Addiction

At The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, we understand that emotional pain is the often the root cause of addiction. Our non 12 step rehab program will help you get beyond your battle with abstinence and focus on identifying and resolving the deeper suffering that is at the root of your addiction. Once the underlying emotional pain is resolved, then you will be able to end your substance abuse.

Unlike the 12 step programs you may be familiar with, our non 12 step rehab will not have you attending nightly meetings (unless you request to) or sharing your stories of suffering. Instead, you will be immersed in a fully holistic, state of the art non 12 step recovery program that will help you to:

  • heal deeply
  • communicate authentically
  • plan for your future
  • explore the most beautiful and creative aspects of yourself
  • and more…

It’s time you had a taste of a full life, free from addiction and pain and aligned with your deepest sense of joyful purpose. Call us at 808-775-0200 and talk to us about our non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Helping You Find Your Way Out From Under the Yoke of Addiction

Before you can end your drug or alcohol addiction, four things need to happen:

  1. Previous traumas and unresolved issues must be explored and faced in order for you to find relief and develop a new relationship with your most deeply-held beliefs.
  2. Chemical imbalances created by drugs and alcohol have to be addressed by treating the whole person rather than a singular symptom.
  3. A truly safe and nurturing environment must exist that will allow you to explore and master the skills you need to defeat your addiction triggers.
  4. Your deepest needs and greatest yearnings must be identified and acknowledged in order for you to make and sustain life-affirming decisions moment after moment, day after day, and year after year.

The non 12 step rehab programs at The Exclusive Hawaii will teach you the skills you need to get to the bottom of the pain and turmoil at the root of your addiction and to resolve it. Our compassionate environment of safety, self-discovery, and empowerment will bring you a deep sense of relief — followed by exhilarating clarity.

At The Exclusive Hawaii, we will address and resolve the root causes of your addiction together. You will grow strong — emotionally and physically — and will be able to end your substance addiction so that you can create a life for yourself beyond the pain that you have endured for so long.

Are you ready to experience real relief and freedom from addiction? We are here for you. We’re available to talk with you at 808-775-0200.

A Non 12 Step Approach to Professional Addiction Treatment

There are many reputable, traditional 12 step and rehab programs available that have very good track records for helping their clients get sober. While getting sober is a crucial step, it is only the first step in the recovery process. Being able to stop the destructive pattern of self-criticism is essential if you want to continue to stay sober.

This is where most rehab programs fall short. The inability to stop these patterns is why people who have been to traditional rehab, even people who have years of AA and NA meetings behind them, relapse.

The Exclusive Hawaii’s exceptionally and professionally educated counselors know how to help you identify even the most deeply buried emotional pain that is at the root of your addiction. They can teach you how to release that pain and overcome those deep issues, and to stop hurting yourself. Our counselors will teach you how to regain your own emotional fluidity and help you take charge of your own core beliefs, your urges, your emotions, your choices.

Let our caring and highly skilled counselors help you identify and eliminate the self-destructive shame based beliefs that have been holding you back for so long.

You can permanently end your addiction. Let us help. Call 808-775-0200.