Hawaii’s State-of-the-Art, Private Alcohol Rehab Center

Deciding to get help with your substance abuse is one of the biggest steps you can take to getting your life back. However, the journey doesn’t end there. You will want to choose a facility that is the ideal setting for you to heal. Would you prefer a highly-populated facility in an urban area or one that is tucked away and takes only a small number of clients for a more customized approach?

The Ultimate Source of Privacy

We understand that our clients do not want to share their choice to seek treatment with everyone they know, let alone see an acquaintance during their program. Our private drug rehabilitation center offers a unique combination of seclusion and luxury.

Our center lies on a 16-acre property on the Hamakua coast of Hawaii’s healing island, miles away from the nearest town. Instead of peering eyes, pastures and ocean views surround our center. The only unwelcome visitor you’ll see is the occasional gecko (and honestly, those little guys are pretty cute!)

Inside our private drug rehab center, we offer clients the option of a private room. After a day of deep therapy work, you will be able to return to your grand bedroom and unwind, whatever form that takes. Want to call your husband? Feel free. Listen to your favorite music? Go ahead. Your bedroom becomes your own personal haven, nestled within the walls of your healing headquarters. We only ask that what you choose to do in our personal space does not disturb any of our other clients (just as you would not want to be bothered by another client’s actions).

An added benefit of being removed from the hustle and bustle of the big city is the tranquility that country air provides. Our center has a strong calming effect on those who enter its doors. Imagine holding a therapy session in the bright sunshine, the subtle chirping of birds in the background as the gentle ocean breeze brushes your skin. It would be hard not to relax in that scenario. And since our program is one of the leading private rehab centers in number of therapeutic hours offered per week, you will get plenty of opportunities to pick your favorite spot in the sun.

Overall, we want you to feel safe and at home in our center. To ensure a peace-of-mind, we’ve made discretion one of our top priorities. We are HIPAA-compliant and maintain the highest level of confidentiality when handling your personal information.

Connection Is Key for Healing

Our staff’s warm, loving attitude also contributes a calming element to our client’s programs. As we take a maximum of eight people at a time, the clients we have in-house are able to connect with our therapy team and staff on a much deeper level than in other, larger facilities. By relating at a more personal level, our therapists are able to understand you and your situation more fully, which ultimately enables them to completely individualize your program to help you move through your issues more effectively. They help you tap into your hidden, or realized, passions, helping you turn your life onto a new path.

Maybe you’re saying to yourself that you can still have a relationship with a therapist in a public facility. While that could be, there is often an aspect of your stay at a private drug rehabilitation center that is overlooked: the other clients. In larger facilities, your group therapy could consist of new people every other day. It can be hard to want to open up about your innermost struggles with a group of people you’ve never seen before. Since everyone stays at our center for at least 30 days, you are able to truly get to know the other clients. This can be valuable for many reasons.

When clients are in group therapy sessions, we have found that they often strongly relate to issues through which our other clients are working. This means that even when you are observing another client’s process, you are still discovering realizations about yourself. These connections with other clients can also help a person realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Everyone is trying to work through their problems the best they know how, and it can be eye-opening to be reminded that you are not alone in your behaviors and experiences.

For loved ones who are wanting to contribute to your healing process from afar, we can design a custom therapy plan that incorporates Skype or phone sessions with loved ones. Working family members into your private addiction treatment plan allows them to see the progress you are making, as well as teach them how to support you when you return home.

private alcohol rehab hawaii

Enjoy plenty private moments to read, journal or reflect on what you’re learning and the tools you’re acquiring.

The Comfort that a Private, Luxury Rehab Offers

Instead of sleeping on cots in an institutional setting, our clients are offered rooms of the highest quality. Our all-inclusive program offers premier amenities, including acupuncture, massages, and gourmet, organic meals.

Private Alcohol Rehab: Will You Help Me Detox?

Yes. Another benefit of private drug rehab centers is that you are able to go through your detoxification process discreetly. Our medical staff will create a detox plan that is formulated specifically to your case, ensuring that you are safe and comfortable during the entire detox process.

Private, Holistic Drug Rehab Approach

At our private addiction recovery center, we treat you as a whole person, not just the symptoms of your addiction. We understand that there are underlying reasons and beliefs for your actions. We use our state-of-the-art Core Belief Restructuring™ program to get to those hidden issues that have been buried away for so long. Our distinctive, alternative to 12 step methodology of counseling, combined with our focus on mind-body synchronization and nutritional counseling, makes our holistic addiction treatment plan one-of-a-kind.