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I was taking Adderall over my prescribed dose and I knew I wanted to get off of it. It took me about six months to get to a point where I found the right place. I researched so many facilities to find one that was right for me and I didn’t find anything out there.

I wanted to get off the Adderall. I wanted to be nurtured. I didn’t want to be beaten down. I didn’t want to be told what to do and how to do it and I really wanted some place where rest and nurture was the premise – and love, because I knew that was where I’m going to find healing.

There is so much that’s different about me, I am different and the same, because everything I am now, I always had inside me. When I first arrived I was a bit of a spaz. I was kind of bouncing off the walls and really needing a lot of distraction and I say “needing” because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. And that was really the way I knew to take care of myself. I’m glad I did that because it helped me survive up to this point, but it just wasn’t serving me anymore. Being at The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, the therapy team is so amazing, just loving me through that process of being able to look at myself without judgment – without judgment, that is key. I had never been successful prior to being here. And that was such a huge part when I finally was able to, that was six week into it, when I found myself in that knot of judging myself and once I got through being able to look at myself, my past, and realizing I did it for a reason and not piling judgment upon judgment. Just being able to say, “yes”– that’s what I used to do and not have judgment about it.

At The Exclusive, I received tools and words to use to get through that and after that it was as if I could breathe again and I realized I wasn’t doing it anymore. I’m not judging myself. At that point it, was two months and then beyond that in my third month I felt different. I just woke up one day and realized, I haven’t done that for a few days or for a week. I feel different, I’m not distracting myself with this or that, or needing things, or my habit of requesting things. I actually didn’t even ask for things when someone was going to the store. I just didn’t really need things. I felt so at peace within myself and I still do and I just even talking to my parents and my sister and my friends back home and they even hear that I’m different and I just feel so at peace with who I am and more secure and I’m not worried about how I’m going to be when I go back home. I’m just excited about the rest of my life, because for the first time I actually feel that counseling worked, because I had so much counseling in the past and I didn’t really feel different, but this feels different.

Confidential Client Testimonial – April 2011

Successful Adderall Recovery

I would definitely recommend this program. I didn’t want a 12 step program. This definitely is a new way of thinking plus they help me understand why I did the things to myself that I felt I had to keep myself numb for so many years. For the first time I don’t feel like using. I now understand why I used and that in itself is big.

I notice I finally have the self-belief that I had lost and I now have self-love and appreciation.

The entire program was awesome and it worked together and if one is willing to put their self into this program, I can almost guarantee you will walk away with a new self-worth. For the first time in a really long time I don’t feel the need to use. So, from the accommodation, to the food to the therapy one-on-one and group it was enlightening.

I would like to thank everyone at the Exclusive for giving me my life back. I won’t say that this program is necessarily easy but if you are willing to take the time to really look at yourself without judgement then you will understand what I am saying. The whole staff works together in a non-judgmental, loving program.

In this program I was taught to listen to my core beliefs and to stop listening to my stories my brain was telling me. They teach you that even though our core belief that we currently believe aren’t necessarily true today, that with understanding them we can change them. And with that change we can truly start to believe in ourselves. Therefore, we can start loving and forgiving ourselves. I believe that in itself is very powerful.

I won’t say that I might not ever want to use again, but I believe if I can use all of the different tools they have given me, that the chance of that happening is really slim.  Even though you might think this program is expensive which it is, I was there for two months and feel it was worth every penny and then some. Your life is worth it.

Barbara from Hawaii, May 2016

Regaining Self-Belief and Creating Self-Love and Appreciation

The main difference in dealing with my eating disorder before and coming to The Exclusive is that when I entered The Exclusive, I recognized it as a safe environment for me. I just felt so comfortable, so safe and so cared for. I loved all that. It was just truly unimaginable. To be accepted as I was, just me, everything, the good and the bad, everything about me, just be accepted completely in such a loving, caring and nourishing way, it was truly incredible and it was the first time in my life I had ever really felt that.

I understand now that while growing up I felt that I was never good enough, that I didn’t deserve anything, and that I wasn’t worthy. I didn’t feel like I mattered and so the eating disorder for me was a way to not deal with really facing those truths that I had about myself. And it was a way for me to escape and numb the pain so it would be more bearable.

But now after coming here, I’m realizing that, what was really the core issue of what was going on with me and just really looking at those issues deeper and being able to come out of that and realize the pressure in the environment and the world I grew up in. I understand now that the eating disorder helped me for a temporary time and it was the best I knew to do at the time to take care of myself. It was the way I protected myself, took care of myself, to protect me from feeling alone, from feeling hurt, from feeling all that pain and after coming to The Exclusive, I’ve realized that being able to look my pain in the face and my shame in the face, and be with it, be present with it, and really, really feel it… you can be freed in such a way, and after being here, I would be absolutely willing to walk through any amount of pain in my life, because I know that at the other end is joy and happiness. And it’s acceptance. And I will live every day for that purpose.

It feels liberating to know that my eating disorder kept me in so much shame that I was never able to get out of it. I’m thankful for that awareness that my eating disorder kept me in a place of such shame that would just feed me more shame, and more shame, that I could never ever get out of it . After coming to The Exclusive and learning the tools that they’ve blessed me with. There are so many other ways to be able to deal with the shame and get out of it and stay out of it and not go back there. It used to be that every time I purged, I go back into shame, and do it again and it is just this trance and it is not a way of life. It’s not life. It’s not living. The Exclusive has reawakened the life that was always inside of me that my eating disorder kept bound in me.

I love every single one of the staff members that work at The Exclusive, from the cook to the land therapist, to the acupuncturist to all the different team members on the therapy team. Every single person, no matter what level of involvement they have with you personally in your recovery, makes such an incredible impact. I can’t tell you how much self-worth I gained just from watching and talking with the cook in the kitchen while she was cooking dinner, the land therapist, the acupuncturist. Every staff member here is able to give you such valuable lessons and tools of their own. To me it’s like this well-rounded holistic program and you get such great special gifts from each one of the staff members here,. They care. They care so deeply about you. You know that, yes, you paid the money to come here but it’s unreal how much each of them care deeply and that makes all the impact.

Confidential Client Testimonial, August 2013

Liberated From Binge Eating and Shame

Before I came to The Exclusive, my life was spiraling down like you wouldn’t believe. I was drinking close to one liter of scotch a day and my wife and kids were ready to leave me. I was feeling worthless and depressed and my wife suggested that we started researching some in-house rehab centers and we came across The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center.

Every one of the staff that I met at The Exclusive was just totally awesome. It was amazing to see how much they cared for me and it was felt by me. It wasn’t some contrived feeling. It was real.

At The Exclusive I learned that alcohol wasn’t my real problem. My real problem was things inside me, some beliefs inside me that were hurting me bad enough to where I felt that I had to go and escape through the bottle of alcohol. And once I started uncovering those truths, it was pretty amazing the way I started feeling and realizing that, that’s true. Although I know I would never drink alcohol again, I now have the tools that I was taught here at the center, how to really deal with life in a more positive way, where I no longer beat myself up and I’m a lot happier.

Confidential Client Testimonial – March 2010

I Learned Alcohol Wasn't My Real Problem

What was different for me about The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is the way of thinking they teach here, the way that you learn to think about yourself and think about shame.

They teach you a different way of thinking. They teach you a different way of approaching life’s problems, of seeing yourself, of loving yourself. They teach you how to watch what you are thinking and stop yourself from being hard on yourself. It’s really a refreshing experience. Definitely not something you’d find anywhere else. And the main thing is they operate out of love and it is such a loving environment here.

The biggest thing that has changed for me is that I came in here believing that there was absolutely no human being on this planet that was insane enough to love me. I just completely did not even think I was a lovable person and I’m leaving here understanding that (in reality) there is a whole bunch of people here who really love me and that I can be anything I want to be I can be happy and excited and giddy and running around and jumping up and down, or I can be really, really sad and crying on the floor and I can be anything I want to be and that no matter what – they will love me and that’s probably the biggest lesson that I learned while being here is just that I can be loved no matter what.

I learned the technique called Mindful Inquiry here and that is noticing your thoughts and your beliefs and really coming to a point of noticing them and not necessarily changing them, but just being aware of why you react in a certain way. For example, why when an event happens, you’ll cry or why you’ll laugh, because it depends on what you believe hat’s what creates your reaction. And so what’s really helpful here is that they teach you how to monitor those beliefs and it’s not about change, it’s not about coming to a certain conclusion and changing anything and changing who you are. It’s about acknowledging who you are and knowing who you are and then (if you want) you can change that and if you don’t you don’t have to.

I’ll never forget the space that existed at The Exclusive for me to be myself.
The staff are extremely loving and funny and they each have their own way of being and they each have their own quirks and some are so playful that they’ll play toys with you and some are just so calm and loving that you can cry and they’ll hold you and it’s totally okay. And they’re so there for you no matter where you’re at, so open with whoever you want to be and they’re so okay with you.

I feel grateful for the dedication of each of the staff and I’m grateful for the intense passion and love for their work that they do here. For each of the client’s that they have, they just absolutely love every single person that walks through this door. And it’s really beautiful to see how real they are and how you’re not just a client. You’re a person. You’re very important to them. That’s probably what I’m most grateful for about being here.

Confidential Client Testimonial, March 2013

I Can Be Loved No Matter What

You’ve got really innovative and risk taking leadership—you’re doing work that mainstream doesn’t do;  you have a high standard.  I think that is spectacular.

CARF Accreditation Surveyor, May 2017

My overall experience being here was incredible! Absolutely amazing! The transformation I made from how I arrived to this point is that I’ve really got an incredible outlook on my future and am extremely happy. I feel like I could smile for the rest of my life. It has just been an incredible journey here.

I really felt lost, hopeless and weak when I arrived and overall really down on my whole life. Now, I feel incredibly empowered and strong. I just really see the future being very bright and kind of a very happy place.

Some of the things that I learned that really impacted me at The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center are being okay with my feelings, not only just emotional but also physical feelings. Learning how to get through those feelings and finding a new way to deal with them instead of having to repress them continuously.

Some of the main differences that I’ve found at The Exclusive, compared to some other rehabs, are that here it is not just continuously focused on, ‘don’t do drugs’, and ‘don’t do drugs’. It is more focusing on growth within myself, my spirit and body.

I’ve really learned to be happy with myself. I’ve learned to really feel good in my skin, not just always worry about not doing something that I don’t need to worry about. I just feel so happy and wonderful that I don’t even think about drugs.

The staff here really was incredible. Everyone is so nice and so happy and so supportive. It really is incredible, the people that they have here. I always felt safe here, without a doubt.

The things that I learned how to dialogue with myself, how to specifically situations that I may be facing in the future, I now can stop and take a deep breath and basically ask myself the same things that the therapists here have asked me to help me recognize that it’s okay to do the things that I’ve done. It’s okay to be me. I ask myself the same things like, “is it really my fault?”, “did I do anything wrong?”, and it really helps to clear my mind and clear out all those negative voices that I’ve heard in the past.

What I will share with others that may feel very scared right now is that there is nothing to really be afraid of. Use the fear as a way to empower yourself and to boost yourself into a situation that really truly is nothing scary at all, especially at The Exclusive where you are so comforted and supported. You can leave here with those same feelings.

Some of the most unique and memorable moments that I’ve had here would just be clarification of my mind and consciousness of what really my life is all about and how I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. I can do anything, I am extremely strong and powerful and that I don’t need to use chemicals or anything of that sort to repress any feelings. That’s been huge for me.

Confidential Client Testimonial, March 2013

An Incredible Experience

I’ve been at The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center three months, that’s a long time, it’s been a journey. A journey of discovery, a journey of battles, of successes and a journey of finding myself. This is something that I‘m never going to forget. It was an experience that I’m going to take with me for the rest of my life.

I learned about connection and love, about vulnerability, about anger, and regulation and integration with others and myself. I was able to realize and get in touch with my core, my inner self, my strength and I feel ready to take that with me and flourish and thrive.

A lot of experiences are different between The Exclusive and the other rehab I was at before. First off, I’m in paradise here. It’s an amazing place. It’s a beautiful facility, but more importantly, it’s filled with beautiful people. People that care, who truly, truly care about us. They love us. They loved me. And they help me love myself.

I believe that at the other rehabs, generally it’s structured around the book, it’s structured around a PowerPoint, it’s structured, it’s structured period! I feel here it’s full of experiences. You’re living it, you’re living through the hard stuff — through the problems, through the issues that go deep, that we all deal with, that I’ve certainly dealt with my entire life. And to be able to explore those here, or live them, or re-live them, I should say I’ve developed a much greater understanding, I’ve gotten in touch with my core beliefs behind my values of how I was living, and I’ve been able to change a lot of those of how I want to live, — the man that I want to become and, which is really special, a blessing and it’s a miracle.

It’s been not only the experiences here that I’ve gotten, and the support from the staff and the other clients that have allowed me to immerse myself in the community. During my time here I’ve been able to connect with the community with what I’ve been learning. So, it’s an integration of getting back out there even during my time here, which has probably been the most helpful thing for me during my stay here.

Confidential Client Testimonial – August 2015

A Journey of Discovery

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