Holistic, Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii

What We Treat

At The Exclusive Hawaii, we are committed to healing the core of all addictions. We treat those struggling with alcoholism, drug and prescription drug abuse, eating disorders, and other co-occurring mental health disorders. Our Core Belief Restructuring methodology, together with our holistic, integrative medical approach, forms a cohesive program that addresses the underlying core issues that are continuing your addiction cycle.

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The Exclusive Hawaii - What We Treat

We Help You Recover From:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs – painkillers, benzos, & sleeping pills
  • Controlled Substances – cocaine, meth, & heroin
  • Eating Disorders
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD

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An Alternative Approach

The Exclusive Hawaii’s program is an alternative to the 12-step program. We teach that motivating yourself with shame to stop your addiction doesn’t work. We strip away shame and fear-based thinking, and in its place, cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion. We focus on resolving past traumas and restructuring the core beliefs that are at the root of your substance abuse problem. We will empower you to your new life mission and provide you with several self-regulation tools and life skills to help you create a successful transition back to your daily life.

“It used to be that every time I purged, I go back into shame, and do it again and it is just this trance and it is not a way of life. It’s not life. It’s not living. The Exclusive has reawakened the life that was always inside of me that my eating disorder kept bound in me.”

- Confidential Client Testimonial

Update on Kilauea Volcano


There is no lava flow anywhere near The Exclusive Hawaii. Our center is over 60 miles from the active lava flow.
Our center is located in Lava Flow Zone 9 (which means we are as far as possible away from any threat of volcanic activity which occurs in zones 1 and 2, occasionally in 3).
Clients are safely participating in our program, and we are continuing normal admissions and daily operations.  There is no threat of harm anywhere in this area of Hawaii Island.

The Kilauea volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983, and this most recent set of events is part of the natural process for this type of volcano. We have co-existed with the volcano safely since our opening in 2011, and we will continue to in the future.


While we are not in harm’s way, there are members of this island who are being affected, whom we seek to assist through this trying time.